releasing and moving forward.


This time last year I was deep in confusion with life, trying hard to keep my head above water as I navigated my way. This Harvest Moon I cancelled all weekend plans and allowed the release to come forth which has been building for days.

Briefly looking up at the moon last night I intended for a life of happiness. I've been overwhelmed with work and am taking the entire weekend to do exactly what my Higher Self needs; rest. I was speaking with a co-worker yesterday about how we lose connection to our inner voice, our Higher Self, and really need to work at keeping that communication open. Conversing with Self needs to become part of our daily routine in order to build that intuitive muscle and gain trust with that part of ourselves that lives on for all of time.

Sometimes I think that my Spiritual Journey is taking too long and I'm not where I should be after all of these years. There's my Egoic 3D self talking again. My Higher Self knows that I needed to experience the important energy shifts that have taken place and that I needed to go thru certain life events that would catapult me forward on this journey. I'm right where I need to be, staying open to Source and using myself as a vessel to bring forth Light.

Over this past year my gift has grown so much! I hear, see, and know things that seem impossible, but time and time again are validated. As I continue to connect with my Higher Self and grow my gift I'm looking forward to taking the next step down this path and connecting the dots so that I may be of service to humanity.

I read somewhere that during the Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse one should utilize the energy and write down what they want to materialize in life. I'm going to take some time today to do that, really being clear about what I want for the present and future. I'm starting to see how our Higher Self really is connected to Universal Source Energy. I always believed this to be true, but my trust in that is growing and I'm receiving confirmations to strengthen that trust.

It will be interesting to see where life takes me in the coming years.


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