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Oh wow! SO much to share from the past few weeks! I can honestly say that I am fully looking forward to the upcoming eclipse and retrograde. I'm looking forward to times of change and moments of reflection. The Universe is shifting the energy of the planet and we are in for an interesting ride!

Has anyone else been craving junk food? Since the last retrograde I've been eating relatively healthy, but this past week I want nothing to do with vegetables, give me all the carbs! My stomach is bloated from eating a weeks worth of grains and breads, chips, and pastries, but for some reason the rest of my being needs it.

I made a salad for lunch one day and couldn't bring myself to eat a single bite of it. My body just said 'No'. Today at the grocery store I stopped in front of the milk and almost bought a carton! That proves to me that something is going on and my energy is being affected as I haven't bought or drank milk in about four years! I asked myself if I would be able to drink it and the gag reflex in my throat also said 'No', so I settled on some almond milk instead.

Weird things going on in the ethers :)


Last week I was having visions of a blue and gold Om pendant and had a strong pull to venture to one of my favorite places, The Forks Market. Here I went straight to an East Indian boutique called Yash, and sure enough, there it was, just waiting for me. The owner showed me her selection of mala's and after a few years of me searching for the right one it came to me instead.

There are some gorgeous mala's out there, really beautiful works of art, but none have whispered, 'I'm yours', like this particular mala. It is super simple and basic, made out of white Holy Tulsi wood, orange string and a bright red tassel. When I held it in my hands I could feel it's energy, and when I wear it, it vibrates even more. Pure magic.

I also purchased a new yoga mat, I needed one that had better grip. I've rearranged my studio so that it is now an art/yoga/meditation space and the three function quite well together. Plus with everything on wheels it's easy to shift things out of the way when need be.

As much as I would love to be someone who wakes up early to meditate and do a short round of yoga, it just doesn't work with my schedule. Instead I'm finding it much more enjoyable to practice around 8 or 9pm, using relaxing poses to wind myself down for sleep.

Recently I was prompted to write an article on Mastery which you may read HERE. Spirit was directing this work to gain my attention and I received another piece to that puzzle. On the weekend I stumbled across The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and couldn't put it down! Numerous upon numerous times the author mentions 'Mastery' and the keys to mastering your mind and your life. Oh yes Spirit, I got the hint! I have highlighted 95% of the pages in this book, it's that good! It reminded me of The Alchemist and is full of spiritual advice on living a life of purpose.

With the message of this book I've decided that it's time for me to really start practicing my gift of intuition. I know I'm gift and receive several confirmations weekly to validate what I'm receiving, but I want to go deeper. I'm ready for a mentor. Someone who sees my gift and would be willing to work with me to make it blossom. I know that I'm intuitive and I know that I receive messages from the Universe, but I need someone who can help me to exercise that intuitive muscle so that it becomes stronger. No longer do I want to read books or websites on the topic, I want a real person standing in front of me, who is also gifted and has walked this path, to help me grow in my gift, myself, and my knowing. It is time.

I'm looking forward to taking the remainder of this year to really dig in to my spiritual self.



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  1. The junk food: and how! I don't normally eat potato chips, but I HAD to get a bag this past weekend, and couldn't stop. And then french fries yesterday (another food I'm not huge on)...WTH!