today's message from spirit.


The Universe speaks to you, speaks to me, speaks to all of us. We just have to want to tune in and listen.

Today Spirit speaks to me of the burning desire we all feel to lead accomplished lives. We want to leave this plane feeling like we made an impact, made a difference. Is that what life is about, leaving a legacy of sorts for future generations to learn from?

What I see for myself and my life is a yearning to be happy. Like all souls, happiness ranks high on the true meaning of life. Through many different means happiness can be achieved and only you will know if your path has lead you to a full life.

My acts of happiness are different than most. I find joy and fulfillment in simple luxuries like enjoying a summer day laying out in the sun. Others need more, need motion, need adventure, need challenges to get them out there exploring and doing. I'm good with a little adventure but I truly love just being. Feeling the day unfold around me.

In stillness is where I tap into the great well of knowledge that is the Universal Consciousness. I'm a conduit for beings of other realms to bring forth their messages to the people of Earth. I haven't explored this much, but would like to see what happens if I open myself to that well of knowledge on a regular basis.

How does one connect to the Universe you may ask? Via trust, an open mind, and stillness. The words that come forth in your mind are direct messages from your guides, your panel of homies in non-physical form. We are all connected to guides of this sort and the more we communicate the easier it becomes to recognize the call when the Universal phone is ringing with another message for us to share.

Most of my messages are of a personal nature, pertaining directly to my own life. But what would happen if I go bigger than that? Open myself up to receiving messages specific to the lives of those around me?

I ask my guides to help me learn this. To help me remember to ask more questions about the information I am receiving so that I can pin point what the message is about and who it is for.



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