like a butterfly.



Transformation is my word lately. 

It first popped up a few weeks back when I felt drawn to pull a card from my Goddess Oracle Deck. Butterfly Maiden brought news that I am going thru a deep transformation, and I'm starting to see the beginning stages of this playing out in my life.

When I think of who I want to be, an outgoing, open, social person comes to mind. I want to trust fully in my passions, interests, gut feelings and heart. I want to say 'Yes', instead of my normal 'No'.

There is much that I need to break free from. 

The Richelle that I've been for the past few years is feeling stagnant, and is no longer in alignment with my future. Only I can make these changes, and I'm hoping that my willingness to recognize what needs to be changed will get me some brownie points with the Universe :)

I want to live a 'Yes Life'

To be honest, I couldn't even tell you how to go about this. For many years I was a 'glass is half empty' gal. Now it's time to do the work and make this change.

I want to be able to start up and carry conversations with people. I freakin' suck at this. I want to spend time with people. I freakin' suck at this too. I want to lose my comfort with being in my head, and find excitement in talking to others. I want people to feel comfortable around me instead of thinking that I don't like them. I want to join others in experiences like trying new restaurants or doing yoga on a paddle board. I want 2017 to be my 'Yes Year'.

The amount of effort that this is going to take on my part, wow, it's going to be challenging. This is going to be a choice that I make daily to shift my actions and create more out of life. My ultimate goal requires me to be around people all day everyday, conversing, helping, sharing, and I need to transform myself into an outgoing, friendly, approachable person.

That is what I want.



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