change shines light.


Yesterday as I sat at my 'nothing' job listening to a fellow coworker talk about signing up for her university classes I realized that all this time I've equated a degree with a happier life.

For years I've connected a degree and career title to happiness and more life fulfillment. My realization on top of this realization, is that this just isn't true. Living in a 3D world I was lead to believe that one graduates high school, goes to university, and becomes something. I never went to university or obtained a degree, and for over a decade I have felt like I was lacking. Felt like I would only feel real happiness when I achieved a career title for myself.

Every day I am surrounded by people who have degrees and those who don't. We co-mingle together, working as a team for the same ultimate goal, we are each part of the company's puzzle.  The only difference between us is money, and money doesn't buy happiness or life fulfillment.

As I walk thru the halls and offices of my workplace it's easy to see that those with degrees don't seem any happier than those that work the 'nothing' jobs. Objects and experiences don't create lasting happiness inside one's self, that's a choice we each need to consciously make regardless of our credentials.  If you are capable of happiness without the monster of money, then you truly know what life is all about.

I'm now understanding that art school didn't happen for me because it wasn't meant to, it wasn't part of my path. I texted a friend to tell her that I think I'm supposed to give the art thing up, and she replied that she just doesn't think I've met the right people yet. As I read her reply I heard, 'No, it's not for me.'

- - -

My disillusionment with people has been verified yet again, and it's not until I cut myself out of that spider's web that I was able to see it.

My experience with energy vampires has always been with people who are mean and pure evil, so I didn't even see this one coming. My most recent energy vampire is a shining cherub of a human who's life I got sucked right into. The thoughts, feelings, and emotions that they were experiencing in their life were being transferred right onto me and I was being affected negatively. This is the third person in the last few years who I gave a lot of myself and my energy to, who I cared about, and who wasn't making me feel good.

Everything happens for a reason, right, and I hope that this is a lesson that I've learned. Do not allow another to become the focus of your life Richelle.

- - -

Because we live in a world of social media, horrors that occur around the globe are broadcast to our devices in mere minutes. Every horrific event now comes with it's own hashtag and symbolic image which goes viral. I have mixed feelings about social media, I see the good side and the bad. What I'm hoping is that by bringing these acts of hate to the attention of the masses we will wake up and realize that we have been living in a 3D world which is no longer beneficial to us. In an instant we are able to see what is occurring to our fellow human beings across the globe and can choose change. 

I hope and pray that Love wins, and that we all shift our thoughts and words so that we may live in peace.


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