supporting the shift in consciousnes.

A realization hit me, I'm thirty-two years old and connect with those ten years younger than me. I think like they do and want the same things out of life as they do. This has left me wondering why? 

Right now most of the people in my age group are doing the 'family thing', focused on making baby number 3 and getting their oldest to soccer, hockey, or baseball practice. I've had a challenge trying to figure out why I don't want that, and why I'm resonating with the twenty-somethings who are very much focused on what the vast majority of society would call alternative ways of living.

A lot of these twenty-somethings are making the choice to live healthy lifestyles. When I say 'healthy lifestyles' I mean that they are choosing to live in accordance with what is good for their physical health and the health of our planet. Living in this way has almost become trendy, and as much as I don't like trends, I'm really happy to see this, as these people are thinking beyond themselves and are ultimately helping to make the change for future generations of humans on this planet. 

It's quiet astonishing to look back over the decades of my life and see how I was programmed to live in a certain way. I don't put blame on anyone for this, it's just what happens in our society, and I fell victim to it. Now that I have 'woken up', am taking control of my life, and am choosing to shift my focus I am being shown a new world of different ways of thinking and living.

For a long time I didn't feel like I had a choice in how I lived my life, crazy right. I really did live under the rule of others opinions which dictated my days. It's been a long journey to get me to this place where I no longer allow others words to affect me, and now use my own voice to speak freely about my beliefs, opinions, and choices.

These twenty-somethings, man I think they are so cool. I love youtube for it's ability to give a stage to all who want one. I believe that the more people share, the more positive changes are made. I no longer watch movies and tv shows, and when I do sit down to watch anything I find myself enjoying youtube videos. I set my focus only on channels created by real people, not actors, who are sharing their own life story, unscripted.  

These twenty-somethings were in junior high and high school when youtube first came out and so were raised with it, and are choosing to use it for the good. I love seeing people using their voice, sharing their opinions, and standing strong in who they are. These are all things that I have struggled with growing up and only in my thirties am feeling more comfortable with doing so. I resonate so much with these people who are focused on eating clean healthy foods, living seperate from 'the system', and are putting the planet first. It's neat to see how we are just a decade's difference in age, but I feel they are on point with what society needs to be doing as a whole. 

The ease and strength with which they make their choices is inspiring. They watch a documentary, choose they want to be vegan, and actually take the steps to get there. For me, I watch that same documentary and still it takes me years of thinking about making changes before I put the first change in place to reach my end goal. I've noticed for them that they just do it, there is no beating around the bush, they make decisions quickly and implement changes with ease. 

One reason why I no longer watch tv shows or movies, and have a hard time listening to the radio and music, is that my brain was fully programmed from day one of my existence to do and believe what I was being told and shown. Yikes! I look at my fellow thirty-something peers and see how we were raised to believe that you go to school, get a degree, get married, buy a house, have kids, raise kids, die. Yes I am paraphrasing to the extreme :) but these twenty-somethings are doing things differently, and I believe that my generation is of the last do do things in such a structured fashion.

The twenty-somethings know that the whole world is interconnected and are using their time on this planet to help humanity. They see that even tho we live in a first world country, we are very much connected to other humans living in third world countries. I can't fathom how in 2016, in such a technologically advanced age, there are still third world countries, which are remaining third world countries because of first world countries choices and decisions It's sick, and horrible, and I commend everyone who is taking the time out of their life to help their fellow humans.

I have made a lot of changes this year, I struggle with them being made slowly instead of swiftly, but I know it's because I am also having to go thru thirty years worth of unprogramming. I love that I continue to be shown others of like mind, even tho I don't know these people, each one of us is helping to shift the consciousness of the planet and that's so very important.

I'm starting to get a firm grasp on who I am and what I want for my life, present and future. After three decades of living in fear and being very no focused, I'm looking forward to 2017 being a YES year.

Namaste friends. 

Remember to be you and not the you that they tell you to be :)

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