made friends with darkness.


I woke up this morning with the song lyric, 'Break on thru to the other side...'  Kinda coincidental considering yesterday's post was about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have arrived :)

This morning as I was gathering my things to leave for work I paused for a moment to look at my humble hippie-esque home. Jun tea fermenting on the counter, seeds starting to sprout, a fridge full of healthy fruits and veg. This lifestyle has been in me for a while, but I was having a hard time pulling it all together. I am so thankful and blessed. After going thru a shit year, I can finally and honestly say that I am happy.

A vision came to me this morning, I saw myself standing in front of a table with a pile of puzzle pieces. I was assembling the puzzle and heard that no longer am I waiting to find the next piece to my puzzle, that I have them all and the puzzle will be put together piece by piece. What a powerful and wonderful vision!

The changes I have made are making me a whole new person.

I will say it again, going thru soul work is shit, but man, ya gotta do it if you want change. Over time small changes make big impacts. I ain't gonna lie, it can take some time to get there, but you will. You too will see the light.

Firstly I recommend cleaning up your diet. Try as best as possible to only eat whole foods. I've been using an 80/20 rule, 80% healthy, 20% not so much. This equation is helping me to transition one day into a fully whole diet. I'm not very good at going cold turkey when changing up my meals, and find that I end up with some pretty big cravings, so this is a nice way of reaching my goals by easing myself into it.

Yoga. It's fantastic. By no means am I any good, I look at the videos repeatedly, but I'm trying, and that's the most important thing. I'm only doing it a couple times a week, but wow am I really seeing and feeling the benefits. I really believe that there is something magical to yoga. I feel like it aligns the energy in your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

I also suggest retreating a bit and spending some time to yourself. My choice to back away and just do me for a while has helped me step into my own. I've really been able to dig deep and I believe that my time of solitude has helped to progress me thru this process quicker. When you want to change your life, you gotta do what you gotta do.  When you clean up your diet and the people you associate with, the energy within and around you changes, you begin resonating at a higher frequency.

In my experience, a lot of 'spiritual teachers' don't talk about the dark times that one goes thru on this journey. They want to keep your focus on the light. I get that. We are the light, we want to be in the light. But to be honest I experienced much confusion because I didn't know that this darkness would occur and that it was part of the process. I thought something was wrong with me.

I am a big believer in being real. Even if real is hard, it's still true. I don't want to confuse people and tell them that their spiritual journey will be one of only light, cuz it won't be. There will be dark times. Everything is a cycle, we experience both polarities.

As someone who would one day like to be a spiritual coach, real is what you'd get. There will be times when I suggest you meditate in the light, and then times when I suggest you meditate in the dark. When I was living in the darkness I couldn't see the light, I couldn't even visualize it. Despite what so many spiritual books say, from my experience, I believe that you literally have to go thru the darkness. I believe that when you are doing inner work one can't just step over the dark to get to the light. It doesn't work that way.  You need to become one with it, feel and experience it, in order to be healed. At the end of the journey thru darkness, the light will for sure shine.


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