spiritual journey re-cap.


The revelations that I've had this year have been miraculous.

Spirit is continuing to talk to me; encouraging me, guiding me, and reassuring me on my journey. I feel such a shift in myself and others across this planet. We have just entered the Age of Aquarius, but I can see and feel the changes beginning to stir in the minds and hearts of my fellow human beings. More and more I am feeling convinced that this world I believe in is real.

The veil is being lifted and I am looking at life in a whole new way. 

All of this is occurring to raise the vibration of the planet from one of fear to one of love. Tho I have my challenging relationship with social media, I'm beginning to see how its existence in our lives, if we choose, helps us to focus on the good. I can't help but wonder if this was all divine timing. I also wonder if the moments I thought I had lost to the 'addiction' of social media have actually been moments of guided learning, a rewiring of my brain and my thinking.

I tend to focus my online time to learning about healthy foods, reading quotes about consciousness and awakening, and watching vids from fellow souls like me who are walking their spiritual journey. These are people who have taken control of their lives, living in their power, trusting their intuition and the messages that they receive from Source. I could go on and on about these courageous souls who are paving the way for future generations. There is no documentation, no book to turn to for guidance and direction about the new energies surrounding the planet and humanity. When someone uploads a video describing their spiritual awakening and the symptoms they are going thru, that in turn helps the next soul who is going thru the same journey and is looking for answers.

Lately I've been tuning in to Victor Oddo's channel about his spiritual journey. I thoroughly appreciate and resonate with people who are true to themselves and speak my soul language. He talks about a very deep and thought provoking topic, but remains very chill and grounded. I highly suggest those of you walking this same path to check out his channel, especially his video on Energy Vampires. Instantly I was able to see that I was giving too much of my energy to 3D people causing myself to feel empty.

I have gone thru SO much inner work due to my spiritual awakening.

I was speaking with a coworker today about chapters in life coming to an end and how a teacher of hers said that at these times we should reflect on what we went thru in order to close the book and move forward without any attachments to the past. What a beautiful thought!

When I go thru rough times in life, that is when I feel the most drawn to writing. I have a few journals from last year that Spirit has told me to get rid of, but my 3D self wasn't ready. It's been a few months since that convo with Source and thanks to my awakening process, I am now ready to release these journals to the fire.

Lately I have been focused on healthy eating. I have tried this before, several times, but it's different this time. It feels effortless, and everything tastes beyond amazing! I can't get enough greeeeeens! And avocado oh my! Where have you been all my life?!?

This year is turning out to be a closing of one chapter of my Soul's journey here in this lifetime.

We are five months in and I have accomplished much inner work that will help to propel me along my path in 2017. For those who find themselves on a similar path, I know it can feel hard and heavy, but don't worry, allow the process and you won't be in those energies for long. Recognize the dark times as those of deep healing and shedding of old thought patterns that no longer serve you and your purpose. You will be guided thru the muck and back into the light as a new version of yourself. We are all going thru this at different paces, keep your ears and eyes tuned to Source and follow the guidance.


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