putting myself first.


For a week or so now I've been hearing from Spirit that, "I can lead them to water, but I can't force them to drink."

I'm someone who isn't afraid to go deep and do inner work on self. I research, experiment, plan, converse with Spirit, and find a solution to a problem. When another tells me their struggles, if it's something that I have gone thru too, I list them out from A to Z how to go about resolving it. I practically draw them a map showing them how to find water. I then end up driving them there myself. I put the car in park, open the door for them, take their hand, and walk with them to the stream. I want to help these people. I want to show them that their problem does have a solution. But I can't force their lips to the water, I can't force them to take a sip.

Are these people willing to listen to my suggestions? Yes.

Do they drink from the stream? No.

Time and time again I put my energy out there to helping people. I've learned that these people really only want to talk about their problems instead of making actual changes. Many people don't like looking inward, they don't want to see what's deep inside them. I get it. Feelings can be scary. Not everyone wants to feel. And then there's the fear of change. People like to talk about wanting to make changes, but rarely do they really want to change.

I think I'm at a place where I can no longer extend my energy outward to those who aren't really wanting to make changes. If you just want to talk, fine, I'll be an ear to listen. But by extending my energy to these people who are doing nothing with it, I am losing some very valuable energy that I could be applying to my own life. I feel bad saying this, but I think that Spirit is telling me to take a break from offering up advice to others right now.

I am shedding many layers of myself that no longer serve me, all to put me where I need to be on my path. I'm doing some deep Soul work, and I need all the energy I can muster to work thru that. I see visions of myself in the future, I know where I want to be and what I need to change within to achieve it. Right now I can only help the one who is willing to do the work, and that one is myself.


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