painting revelations.


The Universe sends me downloads pretty much on a daily basis. Some cause me to go into a momentary daydream state, and others are full on sentences that I can hear Higher Beings speaking in my head. Because I'm going thru a lot of shifting, I'm receiving these downloads for all facets of my life.

My painting journey is taking shape and I'm being told that 2016 is when the seeds of this journey are being planted. This took me a while to accept, as I feel like I've been on this journey for sometime. My ego was helping me to feel impatient, and wanting things now. Thankfully I've calmed her down and am seeing this as a magical time, a true start that will grow strong like a tall Oak tree.

My paintings are progressing slowly, but again, that's because I'm receiving pieces of my puzzle over a period of weeks instead of instantly. I find myself in a burst of creativity where I knock out a really cool and different painting. I ride that high for a few days until I'm hit with needing to stay out of my studio and rest. I'm no longer pressuring myself to create every day, and am accepting a 'go with the flow' mentality. Being shown that the seeds are being planted is helping me to relax. I think that I was so worried that this wouldn't happen for me that I was trying to force it into existence. Now I know that it will happen, but like a tree needs time to grow, so does this.

Going thru this painting journey makes me almost feel like I'm outside of my body, watching myself create. As I paint, I'm working at keeping my mind clear listening to guidance from Source to change colours and tools when directed to do so. Ego tries to speak up, but I've been telling it to 'Eff Off!'  Just now as I snuck a peek at the current work hanging on my studio wall, ego immediately said, 'This is amateur.' I replied with, 'Yah, maybe. But its mine, and I'm proud of it.' And that's all that matters.

I've been trying to reach some imaginary level with my art, that to be honest, doesn't even exist. The 'great works' from 'the greats', in my opinion aren't 'great'. The painters from years past are doing exactly what the painters of today are doing. They are painting whatever they want, in whatever way they want to paint it. It's not until today that I realize that's kinda what art is all about. It doesn't matter if people like it, or if they hate it. It doesn't matter if they say you're the next Picasso, or the next dumpster dud. What matters is that you created, and you created for yourself.

As I look at my current work in progress, I'm hearing that it's almost done. I know people will critique it and say that it's incomplete, and to me, to be honest again, yes, it does look incomplete. But that's what I enjoy about it. I enjoy that when I look at it, it makes me feel something. Whether that's happiness because I'm looking at a 'beautiful' painting, or whether it's making me feel uncomfortable and is giving me something to ponder. I love that!

Just like they say about celebrities in the news, 'All press is good press', I feel that's true for art too. In the end it's meant for people to look at. It's meant to stir something within them. Does it always have to be good? No. The world is a fucked up place, as humans we experience all forms of emotion, and that's what my art is supposed to evoke.

From now on I will paint what I want how I want. And that makes me happy :)


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