digging this warrior vibe.

Today I feel warrior energy flowing thru me.

This is the best Merc Retrograde ever! I've said this before, that I've learned to accept this time as a positive instead of a negative - like so many tend to believe. Change your thinking, change your life! Sure I've had some set backs that have fired me up and brought anger to the surface, but now I'm able to catch myself before I allow that angry energy to leave my being and enter the universe. I stop, breathe, accept, adjust my course, and carry on with a smile. Wonderful lessons to be learned during this time!

The image above resonated with me deeply. I'm not a mother, and don't have a yearning to be one, but I do believe that all women have mother energy inside of them. I believe that my mother energy is for the planet. Humanity has lived in a masculine world for so long. Now it's time for females to step into their power, rise up, and bring us all back into the light.

Your talents and interests are your gifts to the world. 

They are what you were meant to do with your life. By sharing your gifts, the positive energy that you have put into creating them will spread positive energy to all who come in contact with them. Your song, your recipe, your painting, your juggling busker show, all of it spreads joy, and happiness.

With the help of Spirit I see things in a whole new light. 

My change in thinking has really created a positive life for myself. I now know what is good for me and my being and what to stay away from. I no longer feel guilty for who I am and the choices and decisions that I make. Everyone is different, I can't be like you and you can't be like me. I was never shown to see the beauty in that difference and went thru hard lessons to learn it for myself.

I like myself and I like who I am. It feels so good to be supportive of myself instead of constantly looking at the lives of others and comparing myself to them. I would always feeling like I was doing life wrong and they were doing it right. I like my little house, my two puggies, I like painting, and I like focusing on eating healthy. This is all so good.


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