what i learned from watching straight outta compton.


The last few weeks of March I kept being directed by Spirit to look at a soaring eagle on the calendars of fellow co-workers. Then on Monday I woke up with a song lyric playing in my head from Crazy Love by Van Morrison. This rarely happens, but seeing that I just had a conversation with a friend who wakes up with a different song playing in her head every morning, I took this as a sign and decided to search youtube. I selected a random video and sang along with the song as I got ready for work. As the song was ending I looked down to see an eagle soaring thru the sky. Interesting.

After work on Tuesday I needed to run some errands in a nearby town, resulting in me heading home at a later time than usual. As I drove home, on the side of the road I saw the biggest eagle that I have ever seen. It was huge, the same size as a medium sized dog. Alright Spirit, you've got my attention now.

I drove into my little town stopping at the gas station. I went inside to pay and wandered over towards the chips (my weakness). My eyes glanced up at the wall of rental dvd's, right at the title, Straight Outta Compton. At this stage in my spiritual journey I know when Spirit brings me to something that will help answer my questions. I grabbed the dvd without question, movie night was set!

I've been asking the Universe for guidance with my art. I have visions of myself painting large abstract ethereal looking creations. I want my paintings to have meaning and not just be layers of paint and images. The pieces to this puzzle aren't quite there yet, but I'm following the breadcrumb trail. Watching Straight Outta Compton being one of them.

When I heard the line, "Our art is a reflection of our reality", something within me clicked. I knew nothing about the characters in this movie. I had no idea about their lives and what they lived on a daily basis. Words are their art form, and they wrote about their real lives.

That's exactly what I want from my paintings. I want them to reflect my world. My reality. In a world full of fakeness, I want to be real.

I went to work today pondering this, and met an angel who confirmed again, that my paintings are to be a reflection of my reality. This is the third angel that I have met this past year. I now see how they pop into your life when you least expect it, but at the exact right time. Their visit is always super quick, and you never end up seeing them again. You would never be able to pick them out in a crowd because they look just like ordinary people. I am grateful, and thankful, for your existence in my life.

A door is going to open with this coming Super New Moon tomorrow, April 7th. I had a vision of a door opening and I walked thru. Everything that I have been shown, felt, and thought about over these several weeks has paved the way to bring me all that I have ever dreamed of. Great things are going to start happening, and with Spirit's guidance I will take cue to my next steps.

Namaste all.

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