energy update.


I felt the universe shift again this week. 

At one point I visualized myself standing on the ground in a stance of bracing myself, and I felt and saw the earth shaking under me. The energy that is flowing thru the planet right now has been taxing on my body. As eager as I have been to paint, by the evening I've only managed to allow my body some rest on the couch. Most mornings I've slept until my alarm went off, when usually I wake up naturally a few hours before that. My body was pleading with me to sleep in on Saturday morning and I had to oblige. I feel SO much better because of it. 

The doubt that I used to feel about my beliefs is slipping away and confidence is taking hold.

No longer am I willing to let others opinions affect how I live life. We were all made different. All meant to walk a path unique to our soul's purpose. I truly believe that there is no 'right' or 'wrong', and that all systems of belief stem from the same starting point. It's hard to wake people up to this when fear has been used to ingrain a belief system into them.

I feel a wise voice within.

This voice uses me as the vehicle to utter messages to others. I know my part is done when these words have been spoken, and it's now up to them to take that knowledge and apply it to their life. I can't wake people up, I can only tell them what I know. It's part of their own unique spiritual journey to do the work.

But, even before they do the work, they have to want to wake up. I kept hearing that the ones that think they are awake are the ones that are the most asleep. They are living in an illusion of self, and until they are willing to step back and view their life from the sidelines as an observer, they will not see this about themselves.

For a while now I've been receiving dates that pertain to events which end up occurring in my life.

June has been standing out since the fall, and as of yesterday, that has been updated to specifically be June 1st. Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend, and as I typed out what I wanted to say to her the words were flowing from my fingertips without me realizing it. I told her that, "She/We have until June 1st. Times a wasting. We have lots to do. Lots of people to help." And I really do believe that.

As of June 1st I'm pushing full steam ahead, whether others are on board with me or not. As I type this I see a vision of myself on a surf board zooming thru space. The stars, planets, and other galaxies flying by. I'm going to ride this wave, because it's part of my purpose and it's what I have been doing years of inner soul work to get to.

Bring it Universe, I'll be ready!


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