breadcrumbs from spirit.


The messages that I receive from Spirit still amaze me :)

I've been working intently, hand-in-hand with Spirit for over a year and the more I trust the more I receive. I'm able to look back and connect the dots, see just how the breadcrumbs that were left for me lined up to bring me to where I am today.

Spirit whispered a phrase to me, 'Dark night of the Soul.' 

Yikes right !?! I hadn't consciously heard of this before, and after reading up on it, realized that yes, that is currently where I am.

It sounds ominous, a dark abyss where ships go to die, the dark forest that you will never return from. But when I checked in with myself, I didn't feel negative about it. I've learned that life truly is a journey of ups and downs, twists, turns. This dark night that I have entered is but a left turn in the journey, one that I will walk thru, and venture out of when the timing is right.

A lot has changed, a lot is changing.

Usually I would react with oodles of tears, wallowing in self pity. Poor me, poor me. Instead I am accepting the change and working with it in trust. This is one example of the changes a person goes thru during the dark night. Old patterns that no longer serve are shed away, allowing the light to shine thru to more loving ways of living. This period of time is one of intense healing, and I can sense that the process has begun.

I keep thinking about materialism, diet, what's good for me, my body, and my mental health. I've been paying attention to the things that make me feel my utmost best. A morning fruit smoothie with extra greens, writing, listening to meditation music, lavender essential oil, these simple things all work together to keep me balanced. Because energy affects me as greatly as it does, creating space for these things in my day allows me to be my true self, and helps me to shine thru and shake off the dark grime that can cling to me from others that I come in contact with.

This lifetime is turning out to be one big healing journey. All I can do is go with it.


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