sketchbook twelve - and a studio name.


For the second time lotus decided to come out and play

I really like these shapes. Each one ends up being unique. I start with one petal and am shown where to draw the next and the next. When I start drawing one, I never know if it will end up having five petals or ten. I draw until the lotus tells me to stop.

I've been thinking about this process. I used to think that lines in artwork had to be perfectly straight, but I love the free form flow, and how everything ends up a little jarred and irregular. Just like life.

Teal is speaking to me and I'm finding myself drawn to differing shades of blues. Even in crystals, I've been wearing lapis lazuli and azurite. I'm working on my throat chakra and finding my voice, and it makes sense that this is coming out in my artwork.

I'm also enjoying playing with aerosol paint and love how a shot of white spray paint softens up dark black line work. Soft paintings pull me in and I like quieting down a piece simply by hitting it with some white.

I've been thinking about the images that show up in artists work. As I research artists I see that they all have several images which repeatedly show up in their pieces. I've been looking at my feathers as a negative, mainly because I want to challenge myself and grow, and not become stuck. But as I stumble across more and more artists via instagram and youtube, I see that they all repeat the same images or patterns in all of their work. These images may show up in different colours or different sizes, but they are all the same.

This has left me wondering, where can I go with these feathers?

If I were to fully embrace the images that show themselves to me, which are unique to my process, where would they take me?


This is a painting that I created a year ago. This painting stands out to me the most out of all of my pieces because I was fully in the flow of creativity when I painted it. I can't even tell you how this painting was created, it just happened. This painting only has a few layers of paint on it, and for a large painting, it came together so quickly and effortlessly, that when I look at it I still wonder how I did that. Tho I have tried several times over to re-create it, my brain has not been able to re-create another piece like it again.

During the creation of this piece I didn't dispute the feathers that wanted to show up. I didn't dispute the yellow that wanted to be prevalent, and I didn't question or object to any part of it. I just let it be.

I don't know why feathers have chosen me to create them, but after reading Big Magic and letting those words really sink into my being, I truly believe that's how it works.

An artist doesn't choose the images to work with, creativity brings the images to the artist. 

That's a huge thought to ponder, and can be a big turning point for any creative.

Why are some people potters? Why do others paint still life's? Why are others photographers?

Creativity showed up in their life and said, "Hey you, this is what you are going to work with."

Maybe for me that's feathers. Hmmmmmm.

I've been enjoying watching Beck Lane's videos. I like her art, her process, and her thoughts on the art of painting. She's helping me to take this art thing more seriously in order to achieve my goals. I'm just starting out, but I'm proud of myself for committing to practicing painting regularly. Beck is helping me to think of my art space as a studio and not just an art room. To make this even more real, I've decided to name my space.

Studio 9x10.

That's a name that has been standing out to me for a while. It's simple. It's the dimensions of the space that I work in. Nine feet by ten feet. Small, but full of possibilities. A space that I have always dreamed of having, a space that I am thankful to have.