learning to paint for the process.


I’m experiencing some much frustration with painting lately. For some reason I'm s.t.u.c.k. and am fighting with myself.

Questions keep going thru my head: What am I doing? Why can’t I figure this out? Why do I keep covering everything up in white paint??? 

Painting is my creative Everest. Abstract painting is my Everest on top of the Everest. Why I challenge myself so hard I don’t know(!), but it’s something that I want to accomplish. 

I want to develop my own style of painting. 

I credit Flora Bowley’s Brave Intuitive Painting book to helping me break free of the idea of what I thought painting was supposed to be. I followed her for a few years and am ready to dig up my own techniques.

Flora is very much a 'go with the flow' painter, and I was feeling that flow too until I decided to step away and try pursuing my own style. Now I'm stumped on what 'my own style' even means.

I’m drawn to learn how to paint abstract paintings because they leave me wondering, "How the heck did the artist do that!?!"  They exude a sense of freedom for me. I like the lack of images which allows each person their own journey as they connect with the painting.

My intention for my abstract painting process is to get back to childhood. It was then that I simply created to create. Children don’t question their work, or which color they are using, they just play

I want that.

I've been seeing a vision of myself painting. I'm standing in my art room in front of a large canvas. There is white paint on the canvas (there's that white paint again!) and a mellow light yellowish green. I'm surrounded in bright white light, and I look focused on creating. 

From this vision I know I will get there. Maybe there's some hurdles that I need to jump first, or maybe it's not quite the right time? 

I ask the Universe to help guide me thru this. Please bring me the tools and skills necessary for this artistic journey.

Last week I came across the Instagram account of Yumi Phillips. She too is on a painting journey. When I look at her work I feel such a mind release. I want to incorporate that mind release in my painting process. I want to paint for the process of painting, and not just for the end result.

Wishing you well along your creative adventures.

Namaste friends.


  1. I total have this creative constipation ALL THE TIME! Like my heart and hands are itching to create something original and compelling, but when I try to translate that from my mind, I can't seem to get things to flow. I agree, it usually means for me creative interference (I'm comparing myself too much to others), or the need for a pause to detox myself of the desperation, haha!

  2. Yes! That's exactly it! Gahhhhh! Frustrating!