be the light, be the love.


I've been having a lot of thoughts flow thru my head regarding love and what love is and what love means to me.

I was sitting next to my hubs last night as he watched one of those 'Xtreme Police Chase' videos and I began wondering why so many people in the world are angry.

Where did the love in their lives go? 

At what point during the evolution of society did love disappear?

I know that I am a being of light incarnated on this planet at this time for a greater purpose than what my 3D body 'thinks' I'm here for. To truly be a being of light I need to confront my issues surrounding love so that I may be of assistance in the evolution of human consciousness.

I understand the 3D meaning of love. I understand what loving a parent, sibling or partner means and feels like, but I haven't been so good at sending love to those who need it most. I'm talking about the negative people, the angry people, the people who need to make others feel small so that they feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, these people I can not stand.

People like this have affected me so much over the years both mentally and physically. At times it was all consuming and I spent my days tormented by their negative energy. Thanks to Gary Zukov's Seat of the Soul and Marianne Williamson's A Return to Love I am now aware of why some people are like this and how I can react to them.

With my new found knowledge I am ready to change my thinking. 

I am ready to step up and send love to all whom I come in contact with regardless of their actions towards me. I now know how to stay detached from their words and energy and not take anything that they say to me personally. I am ready to spread the energy of love around the planet and thru the Universe.

Peace, Love, and Namaste.

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