resting in order to start walking.


As someone who can get worked up by people and situations, I welcome my new found 'chillness'. I feel that it lets me off the hook from having to react, whether positively, negatively, or even at all. I can simply stay in a state of oneness with Source, conserving my energy for things much more useful and worthy.

When a situation occurs, let it be what it is, and let it pass on it's merry way. No need to grab hold, allowing the ego to step in and take control. No way man, from now on lets all be 'chill'.

I have ventured home from my trip to Mexico where I let wave after ocean wave wash over me. I breathed in the sea air, drank the salty sea water, collected more shells than a person should be allowed to take home in their luggage, and peed in the ocean more times that I should admit to. This was my first trip outside of Canada and the U.S., and my first trip to the mighty ocean.

I hauled several books with me to Mexico, with every intention of reading and journaling on the beach, but my body and brain wouldn't let me. I sat on the beach and all I could do was stare out to sea, watching as manta rays rode the waves in to shore.

My brain completely shut off

Not once did I think about work and if everything was going okay. Not once did I think about this past year and the struggles I went thru. Not once did I think about the future, trying to piece together a plan for what I needed to do next. I simply sat and took in my surroundings. Filling myself up with ocean energy.

The strength of the ocean was something that shocked me. Even the smallest wave pulled at me with such force, enough to knock me over. I have always thought of myself as a river person, as that is what I have been exposed to, but after this trip I have much respect for the ocean and understand why people love being in and near it's energy. I had no idea that waves rolled in to shore with such a deep rumble. The constant motion, constant churning, was mesmerizing. When I lay down in bed after that first day spent on the beach I could still feel the motion of the waves tugging at me. Magical.

When arriving home I expected to jump right back into my new yoga and meditation routine. Maybe step up to a fresh canvas as I haven't painted since the beginning of January, but I can't. My limbs and brain are feeling weighed down. I'm welcoming this coming long weekend, and even tho I 'should' be productive, I think I'm going to take this time to 'chill' even more. I still sense big things coming in 2016. Synchronicities, and puzzle pieces falling into place as I walk down my path, and this period of rest is necessary.

"A path is made by walking on it."
- Zuangzi

I always thought that the path needed to show up before one could walk down it. Before I left on my trip I had a few musings come to me one day that I quickly jotted down on a scrap piece of paper. Things that I want to do and try but haven't felt ready or qualified enough to take on.

But in reality, in order to know something, one needs to learn, and in order to learn, one needs to start.

When I get my energy back up and I feel re-fueled I'm going to sit with these musings once more, see what else they have to share with me. And then friends, I'm going to start walking.


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