i am powerful beyond measure.


Marianne Williamson's A Return to Love is a book that everyone needs to read. It's the type of book that gives you so many 'a-ha' moments. You can sense stirrings within your soul. Please gift this book to yourself, and then gift it to all your friends.

The first sentence of the quote hits home for me.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." 

Stepping in to my power, owning who I am, trusting in myself, has been a challenge for me in my life. I feel that I have what it takes to step out in the world and do great things, but because my light has been dimmed, I have grown accustomed to staying small. In an effort to break free of this useless, good for nothing, ingrained thought pattern, I am putting myself out there via YouTube and sharing myself with the world. This isn't easy for me, but the creative aspect is a lot of fun!

As well as starting to create videos, I am forcing myself to talk more. I suck at making small talk. It's not that I'm not interested in talking to people, it's just that my mind goes blank when someone is standing in front of me and we are having a conversation. I'm conversing more with people at work, and starting up convos with those that I rarely talk to. I have worked with some of these people for years, but many I have rarely spoken to.

Being aware and making the effort is really helping. I'm finding that it's trickling out to include speaking with strangers, which is a big rarity for me. I have this fear of people, that they are scary and I should stay away. This past week I was in the big city and a person was talking of a haunted hotel that I knew of. I chirped in and asked her some more questions about her friend who worked at this hotel. I never do this! I had an inner realization that strangers aren't scary and that I quite enjoyed speaking with this woman.

For months now I have had a vision in my mind of a path and my feet standing on it. My new vision is of my left foot taking a step forward. This will all still take time to unfold, something that I have to keep reminding myself, but it's good to know that the universe is keeping me in the know via visions, synchronicities, and signs. SO many 1111's lately too!

Here it is friends, my first YouTube video, enjoy :)


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