we are all stardust.


I woke up this morning frazzled by a dream of a friend that I no longer speak to. As I was trying to replay the events and conversation of the dream I heard from Spirit that ‘I put people on a pedestal.’


This is something that I do.

I find people fascinating. I love to hear about their lives, what they’ve experienced, how they think, what makes them, them etc. I become intrigued by these people and without realizing it I place them high up on a pedestal. I then look up to these people in awe. They become larger than life to me. 

I looked back thru my life and could easily point out where along the way I have placed people up on pedestals. It has never occurred to me before that this is something I do, and that in doing so I am focusing outward instead of inward. 

Again I am being shown an example from Spirit of where I look to others, instead of to myself.

When I think of these people whom I have placed high up on pedestals, I realize that they never asked me to place them up there in the first place. 

I don’t know why I automatically do this, why I become entranced by others and become lost in who they are. Maybe this goes back to my several years of searching for a Guru? This is something that I will need to work on and change.

I have chosen to remove these pedestals completely and co-mingle on the ground, everyone at the same level, as we are all created from the same stardust.

This inner journey to Self is bringing forth an extensive list of things that have been hidden deep within. It's time that they are looked at, addressed, sorted out, and released. My connection back to Source is helping to prep me for the person that I need to become. It's not all easy, you definitely have to be willing to look at yourself closely and admit your errors. Without judgement towards yourself, accept the error, and put forth the necessary steps to change it.

So many things can change in ones life if you are willing to work on yourself. 

Orange is a color that is popping up for me lately. Orange is not a color that I naturally gravitate towards or pay any attention to, but, within a week I was surrounded by new objects that were all orange. These weren't objects that I had the chance to choose the color of, these objects showed up in my life unexpectedly. Orange for me is a big heads up from The Universe that I need to pay some attention to my Sacral Chakra, our place of inner power. 

Everything that I see for myself requires me to use confidence to put myself out there. With that on the low side, it's time to do some work in that area. Even tho Mercury has gone direct, I still prefer to take the shadow period as an extended time to ponder and plan before making any changes. 

February 16th is standing out as an important date for me. I've been seeing visions of this date in flashing light, and I believe it will be a pivotal point in my new chapter. Looking forward to it!



  1. Mmm, I love the way things show up just at the right time. By the way, thank you for sharing Yoga with Adrienne - really enjoyed Day 1 yesterday! :)

    1. that's excellent! i'm working on the day 2 video and wows are my muscles feeling it!