the strength inside.

I have had a massive realization over these last few days. I continuously put myself in codependent relationships, whether romantically or friendship wise. 

My inner guidance system has lead me to see this about myself, resulting in it being the next step of inner growth for me to work on and release.

Putting myself in codependent situations has resulted in the giving away of my power, losing my confidence, and continuously feeling the need to seek approval from others in all areas of my life.  The vision that I see for myself requires me to be connected to my personal power, stand tall in confidence, and fully trust myself, my choices, and my decisions.

Some key items that have helped me come to this 'aha moment' of realization are re-reading A New Earth, reading Spirit Junkie, and my new Green Mica crystal. All are such powerful tools for inner healing and soul growth.

I feel like The Universe has woken me up a bit more today.

As the day progressed I kept having mini bursts of 'aha moments'. Light has been shone down on my ingrained ways of thinking and living. 

I’ve been looking back over my life and can see how others have impacted me by controlling me. I do believe that much of this control wasn't what the controller set out to do intentionally. I believe that energetically they matched themselves up with someone (me), who they were drawn to and could control.

Most recently I’ve been shaken awake to see this in a current friendship. I was always looking outside of myself to this friend for answers and input on my life. Without me even asking for their opinion they were more than willing to give it, and tell me that I was wrong in my way of thinking. This has been going on for a while, and now that I see it I am no longer going to turn to them for guidance. Their unasked for opinions will be tossed to the side and will no longer affect me.

This is a pretty bold move for me, someone who considers herself to be meek and shy on the outside. On the inside however, is a crazy fun gal, with the passion of a tiger. 

I want 'yes' to become a common word in my vocabulary instead 'no'. 

I want to live fully instead of letting fear take the lead. 

So much progress has been made in this one.single.day. 

I'm feeling stronger on the inside, and I know that strength will resonate out into all areas of my being and life.


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