the beginning of a new journey.


I see a vision for myself and what I want for my life, which is still a few years away, however, in order to get there I need to start making little changes in myself today.

Thanks to Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie book, I am able to trust even more in the guidance from Spirit. This past year opened me to a whole new area of my Spiritual Self, but some fear was placed on me and I swayed away confused between what I knew to be true for myself, and allowing other's opinions to affect me. Gabby's book has opened my eyes even more to my guidance system from Spirit, from The Universe. With that trust I know that the vision I see for myself is what I am being guided to as part of my purpose. Her book has also helped me keep watch of my thoughts, alerting myself to ingrained thought patterns that no longer serve me. Many of these thought patterns are fear based, but some are as simple as no longer choosing to purchase celery when I see it in the produce section of my grocery store.

This year I will be turning 32 years young, and I can honestly say that for about the past 17 years of my life, if not more, I have been living with fears that others have projected on me thru their own insecurities. As I get older (and wiser) and reflect on life I can see how these patterns have brought me to where I am today.

I had an 'aha moment' on Friday night as I was making homemade dog food. I had stopped at the store to pick up some ingredients and when I got home, as I was chopping up the purchased vegetables I took a look thru my fridge to see what else I could add to the crock pot. Celery stood out. I had a moment of inner discussion with myself over this bunch of celery. I don't particularly care for celery. I don't eat it raw, and I rarely add it to dishes that I make. Celery is the number one vegetable that I buy that goes bad before I eat it all. I asked myself why I continue to buy this. Why when I'm in the produce section scanning the coolers, do I tell myself that I need to buy this? The answer came, it's because my Mom always has celery in her fridge. I purchase celery because of an ingrained thought pattern that I received as a child.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it was a huge realization for me. I started to play thru my head the other things that I do because my Mom does them. There were several that don't serve my life, but do serve hers. It's changes like letting go of the need to buy celery that will help me to reprogram the rest of my brain to focus on what serves me and my life.

This Mercury Retrograde has brought about an eagerness to start making the necessary changes to support my vision for my life.

The first change that I am going to make is incorporating a yoga and meditation practice into my day. This is something that I have felt drawn to for years but haven't been able to make a priority. Reading Spirit Junkie has taught me how meditation builds one's connection with Spirit and I am looking forward to making the space to grow this connection. I have purchased myself some yoga clothes (omg are they comfy!) and gear, have found a yoga YouTube channel that I feel drawn to and am going to put aside painting for a few weeks to use my art space as a yoga studio.

Yoga and meditation represents what I want for myself and my life. It is a perfect base for the direction that I want to go in life. I'm starting to understand the phrase 'your body is a temple' and I have woken up to how I treat my body and mind. I am making changes in my eating and drinking habits, taking in more water and tea, and a whole grain, fruit and vegetable diet. I am allowing myself the time to go thru these changes so that they become my norm, and I'm not allowing ego to stress me out if I choose to stop at a fast food restaurant or snack on some chips. My goal is to eat healthy 80 to 85 percent of the time in a week, and for now I am happy with that.

Yoga, Meditation, and being mindful of my body and thoughts are my focus for the remainder of winter and into the spring.

Wishing you well on your goals friends.


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