sharing in some self care.


I want to share some links that have brought me joy in the last few weeks.

For my new journey into yoga, I have found the following incredibly helpful.

I am participating in Adriene's Yoga Camp, but am taking it at my pace. I am choosing to tune in to my body, and if my body wants to practice the Day 1 video four times in a row before moving on, then that is what I am doing. I am finding this really helpful in learning the pose names as well as positions. Currently I have only watched the Day 1 and Day 2 videos and am loving it. In the past when I have tried starting a yoga practice at home by following a Youtube channel or a dvd, I have ended up frustrated with the pace that many teachers speak. I also found them to be too ridgid in their poses. As a beginner I'm not able to hold the pose exactly as it is shown and Adriene takes this into account with her different variations for newbies and her chill, relaxed vibe. She really makes coming to the mat something I look forward to.

I love Sarah Beth's video's for neck and shoulder pain. I have a desk job and these have alleviated all pain that I was feeling in my neck and shoulders. It actually amazed me how quick the pain went away! You can tell that Sarah truly loves yoga as a lifestyle and is able to put together sequences for specific parts of the body to help with healing. As you watch her videos you can see that her knowledge in yoga is vast and that she genuinely wants to share that knowledge to help people.

Both channels have made me aware of my breathing and I find myself regularly taking deep, full, breaths of air instead of shallow breaths. This has really helped me to stay grounded in the present and tune in to what is going on within my body. 

And now to share a bit about the meditations I have been listening to :) 

A friend tuned me into binaural beats meditations, and I swear that they have helped me see clearer images in my visions and dreams. With binaural beats I'm listening to the meditation with ear phones on while lying down. I have chosen to focus on third eye/intuition meditations, and relaxation meditations. After listening to some of the intuition meditations I can feel my third eye vibrating. Cool yes?!

I have spent much of the past several months journaling, but seem to have stepped away from that for now. With this time away from my journal I have been working things out in my mind. I throw a question out to The Universe and I receive an answer. Instead of outwardly writing, I'm turning inward to my Soul for guidance. Some pretty neat synchronicities have occurred and I have received lots of validations to my questions. 

I love that I have taken this time to re-connect with my Spirit. 



  1. Thank you for sharing these link - I'm looking forward to trying some of the yoga videos especially!

    1. yay! I think you will like them, I'm still amazed at how much they have helped me. Have fun!