our soul is in charge.


Good day!

Things have become SO interesting haven't they!?

Everyday I have this deep sense of excitement within myself. 2016 really is a changing point in the consciousness of humanity. We all chose to incarnate on earth at this amazing time to help assist in the awakening.

I have a few gifted people that I check in with from time to time, many described 2014/2015 as the 'boot camp' years, and that 2016 is when we stand tall to start walking down our paths of purpose.

My detox of Facebook and Instagram has really helped clear the clutter from my brain, and helped me recognize the information that I am being given from The Universe. For several months I have been journaling privately about messages or feelings that I have, and now, I am been pulled to share them here.

The one thing that I felt I have been lacking during these several years of my spiritual journey is a Guru.

For some reason I was convinced that we all needed to stumble across a 'Spiritual Master', a 'Being of Knowing', who would guide us. I've been waiting and waiting to stumble across this person and just over a year ago I thought I had met her. I fully put aside my own beliefs to learn from her. I now see that she isn't my Guru, she is a dear friend from my soul group who was a piece to my puzzle, but isn't the puzzle it self.

These past few months as I've re-connected to my inner voice I started to notice that when I threw a question out there to The Universe, I would receive an answer. I struggled a bit, not believing that I was able to do this. That because the answer came to me directly, instead of being passed to me thru a Guru, it couldn't be valid. How wrong was I!

It took me a very long time to realize that we are all our own Guru's. No longer should we be looking outside ourselves for answers from an enlightened being. We are all Enlightened Beings. Beings of Light who chose to be here on this planet at this time to help the consciousness of society to evolve. The only person that we should be looking to for answers is ourselves.

We are part of Source energy and have the ability to connect with Source at all times. Source is our guiding light, and when we step out of our way and allow our Soul to take lead we find ourselves in alignment with our path.

The human body is just that, a body of cells. And thanks to the brain, our brains think that they are in charge. What we need to do is connect with our Soul. It's there, deep within our chest, just under heart center, and it's eagerly waiting to take lead and guide us. It's our Soul that stays permanently connected to Source. Thru dimensions, galaxies, and lifetimes, from one physical body to the next, our Soul is always connected to Source energy.

A few days ago I received this 'download' and vision:

'Your life is not about your ego self, but about your Soul's journey. Who you are and what you are doing really doesn't matter. Your body is just the vessel thru which your Soul grows and learns lessons. When you step back and think about that it takes you out of your egoic mind and you are able to discern that your Soul is in the driver's seat. Those nudges of inner knowing are from your Soul speaking to you saying, 'We are going in this direction next for my growth.'
The vision I see in my head is of a car, with me, my egoic self, my 3D body self, sitting in the passenger seat and an exact twin of me, my Soul, sitting upright in the driver's seat. Both her hands on the wheel, bright light shining all around her, and a huge smile on her face. 
The passenger seat is where people need to be living from. Your Soul knows where it's going, so relinquish control, and get ready for an awesome ride.

We live in a very technological world and The Universe uses that to guide me. Lately I've been opening YouTube and randomly searching for info about the shift in energy from 2015 to 2016. Just the other night I was guided to Maria Bethencourt who validated SO much of what I have been sensing and feeling. I watched all of her videos and felt the strong urge to start sharing my own 'downloads'.

There is going to be a complete revolution of thought within society, and it's going to be amazing.

I have so many thoughts and 'downloads' that I am excited to share here. We are all connected and I know that those who are meant to read these words will be guided to this space.

Some tunes, for my fellow hippie friends :)


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