my purpose is to walk a spiritual path.


If someone told me 15 or 20 years ago that I would pursue a Spiritual Path as my life’s purpose, I would have thought them crazy. I wouldn’t have known what they were talking about. A Spiritual Path? What’s that?

Since reading The Celestine Prophecy I now know why Spirituality is such a focus for me and my life. Growing up my family didn’t follow a religion or a system of belief, because of that I have been drawn to Spirituality like a moth to a flame. Even as a child I remember loving all things mystical. Those little bits that I can remember stumbling across in my childhood have added up to form a way of life for me now as an adult.

The past two months have been very auspicious for me and my journey

I am being guided to connect with my inner and higher self, to trust in the guidance from God/Source, and to release all that no longer serves me, including, old habits, people, and thought patterns.

I am being guided to read spiritual books, practice yoga, meditate to binaural beats, and pay attention to the visions, images, and words, that are floating thru my spiritual mind as well as those that are laid out across my physical path.

Meditating to binaural beats has increased the clarity of images that I see during meditation as well as opening my dream space for specific messages and images to come thru. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.

For the past two nights I have woken up at 3:21 am. I searched the angel number meaning and wow(!), it is right on track for what I have been going thru. Such a nice piece of guidance! As I lay in bed, eyes closed, focusing on my breath, I saw a vision of two wide black eyes, something non-human. A large buffalo came in next with a little white baby buffalo by its side. Buffalo (Bison) has been a totem for me in the past, usually during times of deep connection to my Spiritual journey.

When I looked up bison totem meaning and clicked the link that I was drawn to, the first image to load was of two wide dark eyes(!) like from my vision. The message that Bison and White Buffalo brings is amazing! So much gratitude for their guidance.

Spirit animals have shown themselves throughout my journey. Some stay for extended periods of time, and some stop by for a quick hello. Owl was prevalent for me in the beginning and stayed with me for many years. Currently it’s elephant, tiger, and now, bison. Magic.

The reason for this post came about from my yoga session last night. The theme of the day was ‘I Accept’. We recited this mantra a few times throughout the session, and I was left thinking about what this meant for me.

I Accept.

What do I accept?

Where I am in life?

My journey to this point?

My choices?

I can honestly admit that for most of my life I have had a rough time with feeling like it ‘don’t fit in’. Much of this is ego messing with me, but it is also something that I see and feel as I go through life. I wouldn’t have ever expected to end up where I am. 

For several years I have been striving for a sense of accomplishment in my life. I think that I have been pushing my thoughts so much that I have stopped feeling good about where I am. I haven’t allowed myself the time to stop and look around and see that my life is in fact, good.

Then this thought occurred to me, 'What if I stop striving and pushing myself towards this ‘success’ that I feel I need to achieve in order for my life to have purpose, and instead, accept where I am. Accept that life didn’t end up as I thought it would. Accept that I may never achieve success to the level that society labels it. Accept that my life’s purpose is to live a Spiritual life.'


I tested the acceptance of this thought and a weight felt lifted. I felt myself, my being, my energy, in the present moment, instead of projected into the future.


I sense this acceptance as the start of something new. A new way of life for me.


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