lesson learned.


So much has come back around for me, that I now see how everything lines up to bring me here.

This is the first Mercury Retrograde that I am eagerly welcoming. What I am feeling called to and drawn to is being allotted a bit more time to simmer, and for someone who is quick to jump, I am very thankful for this extra time to really reflect, ask questions to the universe, and receive answers for the next turn to take.

Everything that makes up 'me' has never fully gone away. At times I have literally given it away, and still, back it comes. I can see how I haven't learned my lesson. That lesson being pushing aside the learned thought patterns that have caused me to sit in fear. I honestly hope that what is 'me' never goes away. I want to learn my lesson, that I was made to be this person, and that regardless of others misunderstandings and judgments, I am just as much allowed to live my life as I am being guided, as those who accuse me of being wrong are living their lives as they are being guided.

I think I just realized that the nay-sayers, are lessons in disguise.

For this year, and all years coming, I will be me.

I will no longer allow the quick spewed judgments from the lips of others to knock me off my course. Don't bother speaking your opinions to me, because I will no longer hear them.
I will be me.
As I was made to be.
Believing in what I was made to believe.
Walking the path that I was created to walk.

I will come up against non-believers, and those who feel I am wrong in my beliefs, but I choose to wish them well and support them in their own journey thru life. Your harsh words will no longer affect me, and in return I will only speak words of light back to you.

I wish that all of us could support each other down our individual paths no matter how different those paths look, or how bizarre they may seem to us. I don't think people realize just how much their words can affect another, so speak kindly friends.


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