belief in myself.


I am struggling a tad lot with releasing my need to seek the approval of others. This is the next step in my journey.

When processing a decision, there is a big part of me that still hasn't clued in to the fact that I am an adult and can make decisions on my own.

At some point in my life I 'learned' that before I choose to do anything I need to talk about it with others and receive their golden stamp of approval before proceeding.

This has caused me much confusion.

I can't say exactly when this learned behavior became part of my thinking process, but it's been there for quite some time.

As I move forward thru this magical year that is 2016, I am working at releasing ingrained thought patterns that no longer serve me. On the inside I know who I truly am and what I am capable of doing, however, I am feeling weighed down by a few key, I don't even know what to call them, other than, annoyances of the brain.

I see myself now, and I see myself where I want to be in a few years. In order to reach that goal I need to put in the time and do some inner work. Again, I am so thankful for this Mercury Retrograde. It's a chance to look back, look within, plan, and process what needs to be worked on, changed, or let go of completely.

I have a clear vision for myself and how I am to contribute to the world. The full vision is still a few years away from existence, but 2016 is my year to start gathering what I need in order to build that vision. And that includes working on myself.

Last fall I was being guided to step away from Facebook and Instagram. I like Facebook for the ease of connecting with others, and I like Instagram because I love photography. I find both platforms to be inspiring, but after time they have the ability to take away that inspiration and I find myself feeling negatively about them. Stepping away was oddly hard, and I had a few weeks of cravings, but I stayed strong and haven't been on since. To make it easier on myself I deactivated my Facebook account and removed the Instagram app from my phone and tablet. This has been very freeing for me and I want to be free of both for the rest of the year. With this extra time I have been re-reading some of my old spirituality books. The Celestine Prophecy, A New Earth, and The Alchemist have all re-ignited my passion and love of all things spiritual.

Spirituality has been a huge part of my life for the past several years. At times I have stepped away for various reasons, and each time I have gone back to it. The past year woke me up and I am now ready to accept that this is a huge part of my life's journey and purpose. No matter what people may think of this I am ready to embrace it and stand up for my beliefs and what I want out of life. At times I feel very much alone on this path, as many don't know about spirituality, but even tho I may be alone I trust that the right people will cross my path in divine timing to further my spiritual evolution.

I am greatly looking forward to each step that I take on this journey.



  1. A New Earth was such a pivotal one for me a well! Funny, all three books you listed are ones I read in close succession of each other - again, I'm affirmed you and I have so much in common! It's going to be a good year! <3

    1. A good year indeed! Love the validations along our journey! It's all so magical!

  2. Richelle, you're doing great taking each step on your path, no matter how big or small. It takes courage to come back to your true self, and you have that bravery. xxAshlyn

    1. aww! thank you so much Ashlyn!