spiritual gangsters need breaks too.


I am feeling full and I am feeling empty.

For a few months now I have been taking in all that I can in an effort to help shift myself in the direction that I see myself going for 2016 and the future. I have over ate from the Spirituality plate, (no rhyme intended), and am now in need of some time away to digest and integrate into my being all that I have learned.

I have reached an abrupt energy block these last two days, feeling it especially so today. I lacked the energy to go on a short walk at break or carry on conversations with my co-workers. I keep seeing a light switch in my mind and it is wanting to be flipped to off.

Every part of me wants rest, my body, mind, and Soul. 

I need some time to just breath, to allow the new energies within me to flow and settle. My dreams have been especially active over these past few weeks, resulting in me waking super early (hello 3am!) and not being able to get back to sleep.

I feel tiredness in all areas of my body and mind, which is causing me to have mini melt downs. I've pushed myself, yet again, and instead of breaking completely, I'm going to recognize this internal need for a slow down, and honor some much needed self care time.

When one is working with energy, it has the ability to knock you down quick.

It's hard for me to fully release and let go because there's so many ideas in my head, so many things that I want to get working on. 

Rest time, for me anyway, can have a tendency to make me feel unproductive and lazy. I have a hard time justifying relaxing when I don't really have a busy schedule to begin with. But, I can also recognize this as the ego trying to mess with me. The ego would rather see me stressed in melt downs then take the time to recoup and re-energize, and move forward down my path.

I have gone through several of these retreat times over the years. For many of them I thought it meant that I was done with Spirituality, that it was no longer for me. At times, I boxed up my crystals, gave away oracle decks, and donated all of my Spirituality based books. It wasn't until I had an appointment with a healer, and she described to me her personal story about her rest phase after returning home from a life changing trip to India, that I was able to recognize this same rest phase in my life. I was mistaking these rest phases as 'signs' that Spirituality was no longer supposed to be part of my path, only to discover several weeks down the road that it started to creep back into my life.

These rest phases are much needed periods of integration, allowing all that I have learned to energetically realign and settle within my being.

Right now there is no more room left in my head for any new info to be added, and there is no energy left inside to expel outward into creative endeavors. I feel like a bear sensing that its time to make my way to my den and hibernate.

This rest phase hit me surprisingly hard today, as over this past week I have received several nudges, prompts, and messages from Spirit to go forward down my path. It's like Spirit gave me a teensy tiny glimpse into my mission, and is now saying, 'But before you start, take some time off, all will be waiting for you upon your return.'

One really can't push forward when they are feeling depleted.

I'm choosing to step away from yoga and meditation as well, even tho I literally just started both regularly and have already felt the benefits. I believe that yoga and meditation have helped to catapult me along in my Spiritual Awakening. I feel that they have helped to connect some dots for me, filled some missing links. I have decided today to take a break from yoga and meditation, and I already look forward to my return to the mat, that's how great it makes me feel.

If you ever find yourself feeling this way, take the time to step away. Know that this doesn't mean Spirituality is no longer for you, you've just filled yourself full. All that you have taken in now needs to be allowed some time to integrate into the new you that is being built.

Namaste Friends.


we are all stardust.


I woke up this morning frazzled by a dream of a friend that I no longer speak to. As I was trying to replay the events and conversation of the dream I heard from Spirit that ‘I put people on a pedestal.’


This is something that I do.

I find people fascinating. I love to hear about their lives, what they’ve experienced, how they think, what makes them, them etc. I become intrigued by these people and without realizing it I place them high up on a pedestal. I then look up to these people in awe. They become larger than life to me. 

I looked back thru my life and could easily point out where along the way I have placed people up on pedestals. It has never occurred to me before that this is something I do, and that in doing so I am focusing outward instead of inward. 

Again I am being shown an example from Spirit of where I look to others, instead of to myself.

When I think of these people whom I have placed high up on pedestals, I realize that they never asked me to place them up there in the first place. 

I don’t know why I automatically do this, why I become entranced by others and become lost in who they are. Maybe this goes back to my several years of searching for a Guru? This is something that I will need to work on and change.

I have chosen to remove these pedestals completely and co-mingle on the ground, everyone at the same level, as we are all created from the same stardust.

This inner journey to Self is bringing forth an extensive list of things that have been hidden deep within. It's time that they are looked at, addressed, sorted out, and released. My connection back to Source is helping to prep me for the person that I need to become. It's not all easy, you definitely have to be willing to look at yourself closely and admit your errors. Without judgement towards yourself, accept the error, and put forth the necessary steps to change it.

So many things can change in ones life if you are willing to work on yourself. 

Orange is a color that is popping up for me lately. Orange is not a color that I naturally gravitate towards or pay any attention to, but, within a week I was surrounded by new objects that were all orange. These weren't objects that I had the chance to choose the color of, these objects showed up in my life unexpectedly. Orange for me is a big heads up from The Universe that I need to pay some attention to my Sacral Chakra, our place of inner power. 

Everything that I see for myself requires me to use confidence to put myself out there. With that on the low side, it's time to do some work in that area. Even tho Mercury has gone direct, I still prefer to take the shadow period as an extended time to ponder and plan before making any changes. 

February 16th is standing out as an important date for me. I've been seeing visions of this date in flashing light, and I believe it will be a pivotal point in my new chapter. Looking forward to it!



sharing in some self care.


I want to share some links that have brought me joy in the last few weeks.

For my new journey into yoga, I have found the following incredibly helpful.

I am participating in Adriene's Yoga Camp, but am taking it at my pace. I am choosing to tune in to my body, and if my body wants to practice the Day 1 video four times in a row before moving on, then that is what I am doing. I am finding this really helpful in learning the pose names as well as positions. Currently I have only watched the Day 1 and Day 2 videos and am loving it. In the past when I have tried starting a yoga practice at home by following a Youtube channel or a dvd, I have ended up frustrated with the pace that many teachers speak. I also found them to be too ridgid in their poses. As a beginner I'm not able to hold the pose exactly as it is shown and Adriene takes this into account with her different variations for newbies and her chill, relaxed vibe. She really makes coming to the mat something I look forward to.

I love Sarah Beth's video's for neck and shoulder pain. I have a desk job and these have alleviated all pain that I was feeling in my neck and shoulders. It actually amazed me how quick the pain went away! You can tell that Sarah truly loves yoga as a lifestyle and is able to put together sequences for specific parts of the body to help with healing. As you watch her videos you can see that her knowledge in yoga is vast and that she genuinely wants to share that knowledge to help people.

Both channels have made me aware of my breathing and I find myself regularly taking deep, full, breaths of air instead of shallow breaths. This has really helped me to stay grounded in the present and tune in to what is going on within my body. 

And now to share a bit about the meditations I have been listening to :) 

A friend tuned me into binaural beats meditations, and I swear that they have helped me see clearer images in my visions and dreams. With binaural beats I'm listening to the meditation with ear phones on while lying down. I have chosen to focus on third eye/intuition meditations, and relaxation meditations. After listening to some of the intuition meditations I can feel my third eye vibrating. Cool yes?!

I have spent much of the past several months journaling, but seem to have stepped away from that for now. With this time away from my journal I have been working things out in my mind. I throw a question out to The Universe and I receive an answer. Instead of outwardly writing, I'm turning inward to my Soul for guidance. Some pretty neat synchronicities have occurred and I have received lots of validations to my questions. 

I love that I have taken this time to re-connect with my Spirit. 



my mercury retrograde.


Hello, I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing during this Mercury Retrograde cycle.

I'll admit, I used to hate Mercury Retrogrades, fear them even. That fear and loathing seemed to emanate out into the Universe bringing more problems back to me. KV from Aquarius Nation really helped me to see the benefit of these cycles and embrace the chaos. I started to see these days as a time to stop, sit, ponder, and plan. If chaos does decide to pop in, I have trained myself to keep my emotions in check and take the calm approach when dealing with issues.

Mercury still does tug at me tho, trying to get my attention, trying to turn my positive mindset to the dark side.

It's been pulling at me these last few days, wanting attention, wanting to stir up my emotions so that I spew negativity out into the great vortex. Ohhhhhh it's been trying hard. A few times I have almost gave in, but thankfully, thanks to my practice of watching my thoughts, I have been able to catch my ego before it goes on an all out power trip which would leave me feeling full of negative energy. I can't have any of that when I am planning out my future!

So many sensitives have been feeling the change in the air of 2016. This huge shift that occurred has brought about a fresh start for all.

I feel as tho I'm eighteen years old again, with my life wide open in front of me to pursue as I please. 

When I was at that stage of life over a decade ago, I felt very rushed to figure things out ASAP. I dove into a course that was not me at all, dove into a job that I hated, and then dove further into adult life, taking on rent, bills, and debt. I never embraced that time of my life to figure out who I was and what I wanted. I never explored what was available to me and instead did what I 'thought was right', by societies standards. It didn't even occur to me at the time that I had the freedom to try on different hats and find one that fit. I thought that in grade 12 you make a decision on secondary schooling, and that is what you do for the rest of your life.

So here I am, thirteen years after high school graduation, and I feel as tho this shift of energy across the planet has given me a second chance to discover myself. To discover who Richelle really is.

From about the ages of twenty-eight to thirty-one, I felt like I was literally running out of time. I could see this clock in my head ticking down the seconds faster and faster and faster. I felt like I needed to get my shit together, figure out my niche, and pursue it as a career.

It was the strangest feeling, I felt like doom was approaching. 

I partook in a past life regression once, and in all of the life times that came up I was young and died young. I feel like this twenty-eight to thirty-one stage, and younger, was when I exited many of my past lives. I don't think that I've lived past this age for a long while. The impending 'doom' that I felt was my being feeling confused because I had not yet discovered who I was supposed to be in this lifetime.

This year feels like a gift. 

I have been gifted a second chance to find myself. I no longer feel that pressure of the clock ticking down the seconds, and instead feel as tho I have ample time for everything to be figured out, all in divine timing. My life feels abundant.

I don't know where I am going to go next, but this down time is helping me test the waters and see what feels good. There's much to be learned when Mercury is in Retro. If you are willing to stay calm, let the shit roll off your back, and practice self care, you will surely learn a thing or two about yourself during this time.

Peace, Loves.



my purpose is to walk a spiritual path.


If someone told me 15 or 20 years ago that I would pursue a Spiritual Path as my life’s purpose, I would have thought them crazy. I wouldn’t have known what they were talking about. A Spiritual Path? What’s that?

Since reading The Celestine Prophecy I now know why Spirituality is such a focus for me and my life. Growing up my family didn’t follow a religion or a system of belief, because of that I have been drawn to Spirituality like a moth to a flame. Even as a child I remember loving all things mystical. Those little bits that I can remember stumbling across in my childhood have added up to form a way of life for me now as an adult.

The past two months have been very auspicious for me and my journey

I am being guided to connect with my inner and higher self, to trust in the guidance from God/Source, and to release all that no longer serves me, including, old habits, people, and thought patterns.

I am being guided to read spiritual books, practice yoga, meditate to binaural beats, and pay attention to the visions, images, and words, that are floating thru my spiritual mind as well as those that are laid out across my physical path.

Meditating to binaural beats has increased the clarity of images that I see during meditation as well as opening my dream space for specific messages and images to come thru. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.

For the past two nights I have woken up at 3:21 am. I searched the angel number meaning and wow(!), it is right on track for what I have been going thru. Such a nice piece of guidance! As I lay in bed, eyes closed, focusing on my breath, I saw a vision of two wide black eyes, something non-human. A large buffalo came in next with a little white baby buffalo by its side. Buffalo (Bison) has been a totem for me in the past, usually during times of deep connection to my Spiritual journey.

When I looked up bison totem meaning and clicked the link that I was drawn to, the first image to load was of two wide dark eyes(!) like from my vision. The message that Bison and White Buffalo brings is amazing! So much gratitude for their guidance.

Spirit animals have shown themselves throughout my journey. Some stay for extended periods of time, and some stop by for a quick hello. Owl was prevalent for me in the beginning and stayed with me for many years. Currently it’s elephant, tiger, and now, bison. Magic.

The reason for this post came about from my yoga session last night. The theme of the day was ‘I Accept’. We recited this mantra a few times throughout the session, and I was left thinking about what this meant for me.

I Accept.

What do I accept?

Where I am in life?

My journey to this point?

My choices?

I can honestly admit that for most of my life I have had a rough time with feeling like it ‘don’t fit in’. Much of this is ego messing with me, but it is also something that I see and feel as I go through life. I wouldn’t have ever expected to end up where I am. 

For several years I have been striving for a sense of accomplishment in my life. I think that I have been pushing my thoughts so much that I have stopped feeling good about where I am. I haven’t allowed myself the time to stop and look around and see that my life is in fact, good.

Then this thought occurred to me, 'What if I stop striving and pushing myself towards this ‘success’ that I feel I need to achieve in order for my life to have purpose, and instead, accept where I am. Accept that life didn’t end up as I thought it would. Accept that I may never achieve success to the level that society labels it. Accept that my life’s purpose is to live a Spiritual life.'


I tested the acceptance of this thought and a weight felt lifted. I felt myself, my being, my energy, in the present moment, instead of projected into the future.


I sense this acceptance as the start of something new. A new way of life for me.



the beginning of a new journey.


I see a vision for myself and what I want for my life, which is still a few years away, however, in order to get there I need to start making little changes in myself today.

Thanks to Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie book, I am able to trust even more in the guidance from Spirit. This past year opened me to a whole new area of my Spiritual Self, but some fear was placed on me and I swayed away confused between what I knew to be true for myself, and allowing other's opinions to affect me. Gabby's book has opened my eyes even more to my guidance system from Spirit, from The Universe. With that trust I know that the vision I see for myself is what I am being guided to as part of my purpose. Her book has also helped me keep watch of my thoughts, alerting myself to ingrained thought patterns that no longer serve me. Many of these thought patterns are fear based, but some are as simple as no longer choosing to purchase celery when I see it in the produce section of my grocery store.

This year I will be turning 32 years young, and I can honestly say that for about the past 17 years of my life, if not more, I have been living with fears that others have projected on me thru their own insecurities. As I get older (and wiser) and reflect on life I can see how these patterns have brought me to where I am today.

I had an 'aha moment' on Friday night as I was making homemade dog food. I had stopped at the store to pick up some ingredients and when I got home, as I was chopping up the purchased vegetables I took a look thru my fridge to see what else I could add to the crock pot. Celery stood out. I had a moment of inner discussion with myself over this bunch of celery. I don't particularly care for celery. I don't eat it raw, and I rarely add it to dishes that I make. Celery is the number one vegetable that I buy that goes bad before I eat it all. I asked myself why I continue to buy this. Why when I'm in the produce section scanning the coolers, do I tell myself that I need to buy this? The answer came, it's because my Mom always has celery in her fridge. I purchase celery because of an ingrained thought pattern that I received as a child.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it was a huge realization for me. I started to play thru my head the other things that I do because my Mom does them. There were several that don't serve my life, but do serve hers. It's changes like letting go of the need to buy celery that will help me to reprogram the rest of my brain to focus on what serves me and my life.

This Mercury Retrograde has brought about an eagerness to start making the necessary changes to support my vision for my life.

The first change that I am going to make is incorporating a yoga and meditation practice into my day. This is something that I have felt drawn to for years but haven't been able to make a priority. Reading Spirit Junkie has taught me how meditation builds one's connection with Spirit and I am looking forward to making the space to grow this connection. I have purchased myself some yoga clothes (omg are they comfy!) and gear, have found a yoga YouTube channel that I feel drawn to and am going to put aside painting for a few weeks to use my art space as a yoga studio.

Yoga and meditation represents what I want for myself and my life. It is a perfect base for the direction that I want to go in life. I'm starting to understand the phrase 'your body is a temple' and I have woken up to how I treat my body and mind. I am making changes in my eating and drinking habits, taking in more water and tea, and a whole grain, fruit and vegetable diet. I am allowing myself the time to go thru these changes so that they become my norm, and I'm not allowing ego to stress me out if I choose to stop at a fast food restaurant or snack on some chips. My goal is to eat healthy 80 to 85 percent of the time in a week, and for now I am happy with that.

Yoga, Meditation, and being mindful of my body and thoughts are my focus for the remainder of winter and into the spring.

Wishing you well on your goals friends.



we are spiritual beings.


This is such an auspicious time!

As I was driving home from work yesterday, my mind in a relaxed state, I saw a stream of white light from The Universe above pouring in thru my crown chakra. I repeated mantras of gratitude, and healing, visualizing this white light flowing in thru my crown reaching out to all limbs and organs, and flowing deeper still into all the cells and atoms in my body.


I wasn’t planning on picking a word for 2016, however two are making themselves shown to me.

Soul and Spiritual.

I’m going to take this hint from The Universe that this is to be my direction for the coming year.

I’ve stumbled upon the above quote many times. I understood it, but I didn’t understand it to the level that I do now.

I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience.

When I step out of my Soul’s way that’s when things really start to take form. My Soul is in the driver’s seat and I am just along for the ride.

This realization has brought a sense of complete inner peace, joy, and a knowing that I am now living in Soul time and not Human time. The anxiety of the ‘rat race’ has crumbled for me, and I feel that time is of abundance..

For a while now I’ve been dealing with a friend’s exit from my life. It’s been a struggle, as I always felt that we had a deep soul connection. It’s not until they were gone that I could look back and see just how much their energy lifted my spirit up. I’ve been working thru this day by day, some days harder than others, but with this realization of our Soul’s being in charge, I’m able to comprehend that we are each on our own Soul Journey, going where our Soul is taking us.

This person was key in catapulting me towards my Spiritual Awakening. I would say we are Twin Flames. I know that I need to let go and I have to accept that. I move thru things slowly and now see that they were at this point several months ago, but it’s taken me longer to get there.

From this day forward I release and accept that right now our Souls are meant to go in different directions. I accept this for the highest good of all and trust in the journey.  With this release will come new opportunities for experience and growth. And that my friends is exciting!

I see a whole new life for myself.

Again, I am so thankful for this Mercury Retrograde which has reminded me to chill, relax, ponder, and listen to the messages from Spirit.



the strength inside.

I have had a massive realization over these last few days. I continuously put myself in codependent relationships, whether romantically or friendship wise. 

My inner guidance system has lead me to see this about myself, resulting in it being the next step of inner growth for me to work on and release.

Putting myself in codependent situations has resulted in the giving away of my power, losing my confidence, and continuously feeling the need to seek approval from others in all areas of my life.  The vision that I see for myself requires me to be connected to my personal power, stand tall in confidence, and fully trust myself, my choices, and my decisions.

Some key items that have helped me come to this 'aha moment' of realization are re-reading A New Earth, reading Spirit Junkie, and my new Green Mica crystal. All are such powerful tools for inner healing and soul growth.

I feel like The Universe has woken me up a bit more today.

As the day progressed I kept having mini bursts of 'aha moments'. Light has been shone down on my ingrained ways of thinking and living. 

I’ve been looking back over my life and can see how others have impacted me by controlling me. I do believe that much of this control wasn't what the controller set out to do intentionally. I believe that energetically they matched themselves up with someone (me), who they were drawn to and could control.

Most recently I’ve been shaken awake to see this in a current friendship. I was always looking outside of myself to this friend for answers and input on my life. Without me even asking for their opinion they were more than willing to give it, and tell me that I was wrong in my way of thinking. This has been going on for a while, and now that I see it I am no longer going to turn to them for guidance. Their unasked for opinions will be tossed to the side and will no longer affect me.

This is a pretty bold move for me, someone who considers herself to be meek and shy on the outside. On the inside however, is a crazy fun gal, with the passion of a tiger. 

I want 'yes' to become a common word in my vocabulary instead 'no'. 

I want to live fully instead of letting fear take the lead. 

So much progress has been made in this one.single.day. 

I'm feeling stronger on the inside, and I know that strength will resonate out into all areas of my being and life.



our soul is in charge.


Good day!

Things have become SO interesting haven't they!?

Everyday I have this deep sense of excitement within myself. 2016 really is a changing point in the consciousness of humanity. We all chose to incarnate on earth at this amazing time to help assist in the awakening.

I have a few gifted people that I check in with from time to time, many described 2014/2015 as the 'boot camp' years, and that 2016 is when we stand tall to start walking down our paths of purpose.

My detox of Facebook and Instagram has really helped clear the clutter from my brain, and helped me recognize the information that I am being given from The Universe. For several months I have been journaling privately about messages or feelings that I have, and now, I am been pulled to share them here.

The one thing that I felt I have been lacking during these several years of my spiritual journey is a Guru.

For some reason I was convinced that we all needed to stumble across a 'Spiritual Master', a 'Being of Knowing', who would guide us. I've been waiting and waiting to stumble across this person and just over a year ago I thought I had met her. I fully put aside my own beliefs to learn from her. I now see that she isn't my Guru, she is a dear friend from my soul group who was a piece to my puzzle, but isn't the puzzle it self.

These past few months as I've re-connected to my inner voice I started to notice that when I threw a question out there to The Universe, I would receive an answer. I struggled a bit, not believing that I was able to do this. That because the answer came to me directly, instead of being passed to me thru a Guru, it couldn't be valid. How wrong was I!

It took me a very long time to realize that we are all our own Guru's. No longer should we be looking outside ourselves for answers from an enlightened being. We are all Enlightened Beings. Beings of Light who chose to be here on this planet at this time to help the consciousness of society to evolve. The only person that we should be looking to for answers is ourselves.

We are part of Source energy and have the ability to connect with Source at all times. Source is our guiding light, and when we step out of our way and allow our Soul to take lead we find ourselves in alignment with our path.

The human body is just that, a body of cells. And thanks to the brain, our brains think that they are in charge. What we need to do is connect with our Soul. It's there, deep within our chest, just under heart center, and it's eagerly waiting to take lead and guide us. It's our Soul that stays permanently connected to Source. Thru dimensions, galaxies, and lifetimes, from one physical body to the next, our Soul is always connected to Source energy.

A few days ago I received this 'download' and vision:

'Your life is not about your ego self, but about your Soul's journey. Who you are and what you are doing really doesn't matter. Your body is just the vessel thru which your Soul grows and learns lessons. When you step back and think about that it takes you out of your egoic mind and you are able to discern that your Soul is in the driver's seat. Those nudges of inner knowing are from your Soul speaking to you saying, 'We are going in this direction next for my growth.'
The vision I see in my head is of a car, with me, my egoic self, my 3D body self, sitting in the passenger seat and an exact twin of me, my Soul, sitting upright in the driver's seat. Both her hands on the wheel, bright light shining all around her, and a huge smile on her face. 
The passenger seat is where people need to be living from. Your Soul knows where it's going, so relinquish control, and get ready for an awesome ride.

We live in a very technological world and The Universe uses that to guide me. Lately I've been opening YouTube and randomly searching for info about the shift in energy from 2015 to 2016. Just the other night I was guided to Maria Bethencourt who validated SO much of what I have been sensing and feeling. I watched all of her videos and felt the strong urge to start sharing my own 'downloads'.

There is going to be a complete revolution of thought within society, and it's going to be amazing.

I have so many thoughts and 'downloads' that I am excited to share here. We are all connected and I know that those who are meant to read these words will be guided to this space.

Some tunes, for my fellow hippie friends :)



belief in myself.


I am struggling a tad lot with releasing my need to seek the approval of others. This is the next step in my journey.

When processing a decision, there is a big part of me that still hasn't clued in to the fact that I am an adult and can make decisions on my own.

At some point in my life I 'learned' that before I choose to do anything I need to talk about it with others and receive their golden stamp of approval before proceeding.

This has caused me much confusion.

I can't say exactly when this learned behavior became part of my thinking process, but it's been there for quite some time.

As I move forward thru this magical year that is 2016, I am working at releasing ingrained thought patterns that no longer serve me. On the inside I know who I truly am and what I am capable of doing, however, I am feeling weighed down by a few key, I don't even know what to call them, other than, annoyances of the brain.

I see myself now, and I see myself where I want to be in a few years. In order to reach that goal I need to put in the time and do some inner work. Again, I am so thankful for this Mercury Retrograde. It's a chance to look back, look within, plan, and process what needs to be worked on, changed, or let go of completely.

I have a clear vision for myself and how I am to contribute to the world. The full vision is still a few years away from existence, but 2016 is my year to start gathering what I need in order to build that vision. And that includes working on myself.

Last fall I was being guided to step away from Facebook and Instagram. I like Facebook for the ease of connecting with others, and I like Instagram because I love photography. I find both platforms to be inspiring, but after time they have the ability to take away that inspiration and I find myself feeling negatively about them. Stepping away was oddly hard, and I had a few weeks of cravings, but I stayed strong and haven't been on since. To make it easier on myself I deactivated my Facebook account and removed the Instagram app from my phone and tablet. This has been very freeing for me and I want to be free of both for the rest of the year. With this extra time I have been re-reading some of my old spirituality books. The Celestine Prophecy, A New Earth, and The Alchemist have all re-ignited my passion and love of all things spiritual.

Spirituality has been a huge part of my life for the past several years. At times I have stepped away for various reasons, and each time I have gone back to it. The past year woke me up and I am now ready to accept that this is a huge part of my life's journey and purpose. No matter what people may think of this I am ready to embrace it and stand up for my beliefs and what I want out of life. At times I feel very much alone on this path, as many don't know about spirituality, but even tho I may be alone I trust that the right people will cross my path in divine timing to further my spiritual evolution.

I am greatly looking forward to each step that I take on this journey.



lesson learned.


So much has come back around for me, that I now see how everything lines up to bring me here.

This is the first Mercury Retrograde that I am eagerly welcoming. What I am feeling called to and drawn to is being allotted a bit more time to simmer, and for someone who is quick to jump, I am very thankful for this extra time to really reflect, ask questions to the universe, and receive answers for the next turn to take.

Everything that makes up 'me' has never fully gone away. At times I have literally given it away, and still, back it comes. I can see how I haven't learned my lesson. That lesson being pushing aside the learned thought patterns that have caused me to sit in fear. I honestly hope that what is 'me' never goes away. I want to learn my lesson, that I was made to be this person, and that regardless of others misunderstandings and judgments, I am just as much allowed to live my life as I am being guided, as those who accuse me of being wrong are living their lives as they are being guided.

I think I just realized that the nay-sayers, are lessons in disguise.

For this year, and all years coming, I will be me.

I will no longer allow the quick spewed judgments from the lips of others to knock me off my course. Don't bother speaking your opinions to me, because I will no longer hear them.
I will be me.
As I was made to be.
Believing in what I was made to believe.
Walking the path that I was created to walk.

I will come up against non-believers, and those who feel I am wrong in my beliefs, but I choose to wish them well and support them in their own journey thru life. Your harsh words will no longer affect me, and in return I will only speak words of light back to you.

I wish that all of us could support each other down our individual paths no matter how different those paths look, or how bizarre they may seem to us. I don't think people realize just how much their words can affect another, so speak kindly friends.



a good 2016.


It's been a long while since I've felt the pull to write on here, but over the last few weeks I've been feeling the nudges to share a bit, to share it out into the universe.

2015 came with many inner challenges for me, it was a huge year of growth. These past few months have brought me to this place where I feel in the process of a transformation. I was being urged to cut out all unnecessary 'noise' from my life, to get quiet, and tune in to my own inner voice.

This past year I spent much time trying on a religious hat, one that has never fully felt right on my head to begin with, but it crossed my path and I gave it a chance. This caused me yet again to give up my inner voice and turn to others for guidance and direction out of fear of doing the wrong thing and a fear to be a people pleaser.

Thru much of my life I have encountered people who have told me that my ideas, opinions, or ways of doing things and ways of thinking or believing, are wrong. I've come up against many people who feel completely at ease with telling me why I am wrong and why they are right, This has taken a lot of my own personal power away, made it difficult for me to hear my inner voice, and caused me much confusion in the process. 

I want to be strong and confident in my life. I encourage others to do and believe what feels right for them even if it doesn't resonate with me. These same people who have shut me down without even a second thought, are the exact people who I encourage and support in their own belief systems and ways of living. It has taken me months to get to this point where I fully know, and to be honest, have always known, what my path is in this life, whether others agree with it or understand it. My retreat from noise such as Facebook and Instagram has freed up time and mental space to re-focus, re-connect, hear what it is that the universe is directing me to do with my journey.  All I ever wish for others is happiness and for them to be their authentic selves. Why people haven't been able to give me that same courtesy eluded me for a long time, but ultimately, we all have a different path to walk and we will never fully understand each others journeys. However, what we can do is support and encourage each other thru them. 

The events that I went thru in 2015 caused me to wake up. I see life in a completely different way. I found myself at times walking around and saying out loud, 'I get it, I understand what it's all about.' I have taken back my power, stand firmly in my beliefs, and look forward to dancing and twirling my way thru my journey. 

I wish people love and happiness in 2016, it's going to be a great one.