the fire within me.


These past few days have put me in typing overload. I seem to have opened an internal door, and from that door flames are bursting forth.

There are SO many words pouring out of me that my brain doesn't have time to process what is happening. I am clearly just the vessel here, the being that hits keys on a keyboard.

I've always been aware of the amount of words floating around inside my head and on numerous occasions have looked back and wished that I would have wrote things down. I find these bursts of insight shocking actually. There's a wisdom there that is well beyond me and the scope through which I speak. When I talk I have some of the worst grammar ever! This age of technology and social media has left me in constant use of slang like lol, cuz, and brb. It's dumbed down my vocab considerably.

So when a sentence like;

'Change the word 'fear' to 'growth'. When you feel fear recognize this as an opportunity for your own soul's growth.' 

comes forth, I almost want to knock on this internal door and say, 'Um, excuse me, but who was that just speaking??? Cuz it sure as heck wasn't me!'

These words flowing from my fingers has given me a purpose. 

I don't know anyone, so even having one reader here makes me feel like I'm being given a platform to speak my truth. Being allowed to share my words on elephantjournal.com, has given me an opportunity to reach a wider audience and hopefully resonate with them too.

My last article  posted on elephantjournal.com has been read by over 1800 people. Like Whoa!

I wouldn't have ever expected that kind of number. It shocks me, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Something is going to happen with this writing thing, I can feel it, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this path takes me.


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