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Work In Progress

I've become stuck in my painting process. 

A few years ago I narrowed down my hobbies and chose to pursue painting. I found inspiration in an artist who through her painting process gave me permission to paint in a way that I didn't know was 'allowed'. I've never attended formal training in painting and always thought that painting started with a blank white canvas upon which you drew out your image in pencil and then painted it in like a paint-by-number.

How wrong was I?!

Although I was awaken to that my brain is stuck at a fence that seems to be too high for my short legs to leap over.

The part of creativity that I enjoy is the challenges. I want to push myself, I want to create breakthroughs in my work.

All of my pieces result with images resembling feathers/leaves. This is ok, I enjoy feathers and leaves, they do represent a part of who I am.

But I want to go further.

I've taken to searching youtube for acrylic painters who have filmed themselves painting a piece from start to finish. I've been shown a multitude of new techniques to try. I may borrow a technique for a time, but I prefer to adapt it and make it my own.

I want to leap over this fence and land on the other side of 'stuckness'.

I want to see what happens when I completely shut my mind off.

What lurks there?

When I shut down all that I have learned or picked up frorm other painters, what will come through?

I don't know.

I don't know if there's anything on the other side of that fence, or if I will be able to jump it, but I have to try.

I don't like living in 'stuckness'. I want to progress, move forward, dig deeper inside myself.

I want to find the dark muck at the back of my mind, right where my soul opens up to the whole universe.

I have a date with some paints.

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