this moment feels beautiful.


Lately I've been feeling the need on the weekend to escape my house and small town, heading to the energy and motion of the 'big city'.  Sitting at a picnic table, walking the gravel paths, or lying stretched out on a blanket connecting to the earth and feeling the warm sun on my back is where I am finding my zen. I marvel at the couples on bikes, families flying kites, and squirrels chasing each other thru the trees. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out, bare feet on grass, I find myself in the present moment. Here I am able to recharge.

For the past few months my energy has been a roller coaster ride, and I don't like roller coasters. This evening I found myself thinking 'today is beautiful', and I realized this was the first evening in a long time where I felt peaceful. I believe in an intense energy shift happening across the universe right now, I believe that we all chose to incarnate at this time for the purpose of bringing about change on the planet. This energy shift is going to open the minds of many and bring forth the changes necessary at this time.

Just as people are the cause of things to fall, we are also the cause of things to rise. 

I am an empath, I feel and take on energy from the universe, people, and places. As the energy has been growing for this shift to happen it has thrown me out of alignment. I am growing spiritually and awakening to my gifts, causing much needed rest and down time for integration of these new energies and thought patterns. I have felt physical and emotional pain from this energy shift and while sitting in the midst of it hoping it to end, it's not until now that I can see how very necessary this process is. 

Old thought patterns, ways of thinking, ways of believing, ways of living, all are being shed from my being as I head into my new journey. 2016 is going to bring about much change for many, myself included, and the best way to go thru this is not to fight it. I was fighting this energy shift for a long time, causing strife to myself. 

I am being shown over and over, to let go, go with the flow, live in the present moment, be here now.

These are concepts that I find fascinating, but putting them into practice has always been challenging for me. My personality is a mixture, I am chaotic, but need my zen time to balance myself out. At times I feel like I live in two worlds, bouncing back and forth from my high energy, go go go world, to my serene, peaceful, and calm world. Being here now, and shutting off my mind from pondering about the future will be a big undertaking. 

I am being reminded to go back to my breath.

Breathe in, breathe out. Sit in stillness.  Eyes closed, focus turned inward. 

I'm feeling the calm before this new wave of energy is ushered in. I'm enjoying this moment of stillness. 

Get ready people, the new world is coming.


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