spiritual gangster.


Spiritual gangster. That’s me.
I have never been religious, my parents and family don’t follow a religion, and I as an adult don’t follow one either. I was never exposed to Sunday morning church services or Wednesday evening bible study. I wasn’t directed to learn about religion in any way by any one. This left the slate very open for me to form my own belief system, if I so chose that for myself.
I see belief systems as very personal choices for individuals. A word that pops up in the spiritual community time and time again is 'resonate.' If something resonates with you great, if it doesn't, leave it be.
I like this.
There are a few belief systems that have various qualities that resonate with me. I see my own spirituality as a large pie and each piece of that pie comes from a different religion or belief system. I like this, and over time have been shown that this is the correct choice for me. I honor and respect the decision of every individual to form their own beliefs and hold true to what resonates with them. 
Over the years as I have been navigating my way down this spiritual path I have at times felt the need to push away from what I was learning and believing in. Spirituality is quite vast, there's much info out there, books to read, podcasts to listen to, even shows on Oprah highlighting the benefits of a spiritual life. Yes I do agree that being spiritual can for sure mean you also follow a religion such as Christianity, I do believe the two can be intertwined. That's what's so beautiful about it
You have the freedom to follow what makes sense for you at the time.
If something no longer 'feels' right, you can let it go. I like this too.
I am a person of variety. Believing in one religion just ain't going to cut it for me. I love the research. I love reading about different people in different countries and what they believe in. I love taking what I've learned and integrating it into my spiritual pie. Mmmmmmm. Pie.
Spirituality to some may look like an altar in a special corner of their home with meaningful photos, words, and trinkets. A sacred space of love, honor, joy, and acceptance. To others it may be a routine of yoga or meditation, journaling, drumming, conversing with guides, consulting oracle cards, or turning your focus inward to hear what that quiet voice inside has to say. Some may take a solo walk thru mother nature reveling at the beauty she creates. Some may meet regularly to discuss the arch angels. Some may sage the fuck out of themselves after a rough day at work. I do some of these things, and switch it up over time as I see fit.
I'm not even fully sure that I can define what spirituality means to me, but I know that it feels right.
This past year I met a new friend who added to my spiritual pie. She added something that I have always felt a great anger towards, and parts of it still don't fully feel right to me. However, I see everyone as teachers and was willing to listen and learn, and come to my own conclusions. 
Thru this I have learned that my number one guide is Jesus. I have met him before in several meditations, but was always wary due to much past life resentment. I was willing to work on that and formed a relationship with him. The thing that I find interesting is that I find no need to go to church or read the bible. There are even times when the words in the bible make no sense to me and create anger inside. He and I have dialoged and work together in a way that feels comfortable to me. He actually finds my stubbornness funny, but understands that this is who I am. In order for me to do something it needs to feel right for me, even if it is something for Jesus.
The other pieces of my pie are slices of believing in awareness, consciousness, energy, the power of thoughts and words, natural healing, meditation, journaling, quiet time spent in nature, crystals, and energy healing. I resonate with Aboriginal beliefs, Buddhism, Hinduism, the abundance of the universe and the law of attraction. 
My pie is not yet complete, and may never fully be, but I know that all will come to me in divine timing. 

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