i am a wordsmith.


I have tried many creative avenues in my life; painter, blogger, jewelry maker, potter (clay not weed). All served a purpose at the time, all were good experiences, and all brought me to this point.

Right now I am being guided to use my love of words and wear the hat I call WORDSMITH.

Author. Writer. Yes, those sound good, but WORDSMITH sounds magical. And I am all 'bout the magic!

Quotes touch me deep. 

On the daily I screen shot quotes on my phone that I've read on Instagram and Pinterest. I can't help it! They tug at my soul! 

I feel waves of change for the people of the planet and this quote came in perfect timing. I believe we have free will, but I also believe that before we incarnated on earth we discussed with Source the lessons we were to learn this time 'round. At conception everything about that discussion is forgotten and we go on our way to learn these predetermined lessons. If we fail to learn from them, they are repeated until we wake the fuck up and get it right.

As I am being shown to walk the wordsmith path, I see how every other path I've tried just wasn't the right one. Time and time again I signed up for another course or dove head first into another hobby. It's not until now that I can look back and see just how easy writing has always been for me. White pages and black font may not be as visually creative as when I wear my painter hat, but words paint pictures in much the same way as brush stokes and paint. 

There's something here. I can feel the universe stirring. 

Do you remember writing out lists of the things that you wanted to do in your life? Writing a book was always in my top five. Writing has always been in the back of my mind, brewing, percolating. I have attempted many times to keep up a blog, or what I thought the definition of a blog was. That was a hard task to accomplish. I love reading blogs, but I just can't write them. The majority of stuff out there is in no way thought provoking, which is what I'm all about! I felt awkward writing about 'what's in my bag', 'my etsy favs', and 'my week in pics'. Blah! Sure, it serves a purpose for many, and I encourage them to continue with what they are being guided to do, but for me, at that time, that's what I thought writing/blogging was all about. It's not until now, many years later, that I've been given my guidance on what it is that I am to write. 

Several weeks ago I started noticing elephants everywhere. 

I started seeing articles posted on facebook linking back to a site called elephantjournal.com. Wow! A place for my people! I wanted to be part of it.

Fear crept in (fuck you fear!) and took hold, and I convinced myself that I wasn't good enough to have something published on their site. Around the same time I found medium.com which looked safer for my frightened soul. My guide kept telling me, no, that's not right. 

Again the elephants appeared. 

I kept having visions of a gold Ganesh, sitting on a lotus flower, with a tiny mouse at it's feet. I said "God, I need this Ganesh to help me break down some obstacles that are in my path, and I want to buy it at The Forks," a local market place in the downtown of 'the big city.' One Saturday morning I got in my car, drove down to the forks, and sure enough, there it was, sitting perfectly on a shelf in the first store that I was guided to walk into. Magic.

I deleted my medium.com account and reinvented my space here at blogspot.com. I don't look at this space as a blog, in fact I'm so very much over that word. I am not a blogger, and that is why it has never felt right with me. This is a space in the universe where I share my words that are eagerly awaiting their release from my being. Here is an excellent way to hone my creative word juices, or just practice my typing :)

I perused EJ's page on how to go about submitting a piece, and one thing that stood out to me was a quote (shocker!) that they have on their 'submit' page.

"Write what you know." - Mark Twain

Write what you know. 

What the fuck do I know?

I bought myself a fresh new notebook, on the top of the first page I wrote down the question, 'What do I know?' Soon the ideas started to flow and I found myself with 9 pages of titles to future articles. 

One thing that I learned from the late Wayne Dyer was that when he was ready to write a new book the first thing he did was give his future book a title. I took his advice and did this with my future writing pieces. I have an assortment of very specific article titles that I can one-by-one type out and send thru the interweb to EJ. I am being guided to make this change in my life, share the written word. I don't have control over their acceptance, but I do have control over sitting down, tuning in, and letting the words flow. 

"Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't." - Steve Maraboli

Late last Saturday night I took control. 

I flipped my notebook open to the first page, read the first article title that I wrote down, and sent off a draft to EJ. In my shock and surprise they responded quickly, saying that they thought my words were great! GREAT!?? Me!?? No way!!

The next day I completed their requested edits and sent my second draft to their editors. Monday afternoon I received an email back saying that they were accepting my piece! Holy Shit!

I have never, EVER, wrote anything with the intent of having it published so this was shocking to me. I feel like it's the first drop in a bucket of good things to come as I walk this wordsmith path. 

I am so thankful.


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